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(Regina M. Gleason)
? is born in California
30 April 54 arrives in Tokyo with “Slapsie” Maxie Rosenbloom to prepare for a three-week tour of Korea. Other dancers in the troupe are Gloria Pall, Ruth Gillis, and Edith Craig.
December 54 is with Rosenbloom on a Christmas variety show tour of Europe and North Africa
July 55 she, Joyce Smight, and Laurette Luez help Donald O’Connor with his show “Star Theater”
summer 60 while filming a scene in which a house burns, she narrowly escapes being badly burned as she lies, pretending to be unconscious
May 62 is on stage in Under the Yum Yum Tree at the Las Palmas Theater in Hollywood. Her co-stars are Bill Bixby, Mary Mitchell and Richard Erdman.
January 63 is signed to star in "Ben Gerrod, Counsellor at Law," a pilot film for NBC
July 64 hits the news when cited by a San Diego policeman for wearing sunglasses seven-eighths of an inch thick while driving her sports car. She appears before Municipal Judge Earl Gilliam and tells him she can not find anything about sunglasses in the state vehicle code summary. He tells her the summary is not the law; rather the section applying to sunglasses is in a much larger volume. “However, the shapely blonde talked to prosecuting attorney Richard Norman, who decided to dismiss the case.”
May 68 is reported having fallen from an 8-foot ladder while painting at home
November 69 participates in festivities at the ninth annual Teen Awards banquet held at the Sheraton-Universal Hotel
71 has made a total of 500 TV shows
75 while filming Revenge of the Cheerleaders, she almost drowns when she falls off a diving board and into the water, fully clothed
? goes into real estate
05 spends her time between Hollywood and San Diego and is involved in the lives of her two daughters and granddaughter
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