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(Ingrid H. Goude)
37 is born in Sandviken, Sweden
56 is crowned "Miss Sweden"
May 56 is considered a top favorite to win the "Miss Europe" contest
56 is 2nd runner-up to Margit Nuenke, Germany, as "Miss Europe" in Stockholm, Sweden
July 56 is 3rd runner-up to Carol Laverne Morris, USA, in the "Miss Universe" contest at Long Beach, California. She also takes second place in the "Miss Photogenic" category.
End July 56 she, Carol Morris, and Marina Orschel of Germany are presented with film contracts in Los Angeles
August 56 is the northern light of Al Mathes
September 56 she and fellow runner up, Marina Orschel, making their debut in Hollywood, are pictured with Universal-International star Jeff Chandler
Mid-December 56 is "Lucia Bride" at the Lucia Day celebrations in Stockholm, Sweden. That ritual calls for her to wear a candle headdress and bring early morning coffee to relatives.
February 57 is the real darling at the Battle Hymn premiere in Marietta. Her escort is Colonel Dean Hess, author of the book on which the movie is based.
August 57 is the date of hotel heir Nicky Hilton at his father’s big party
is the item of Nicky Hilton
September 57 waves her new movie contract in Hollywood. A court had to approve the contract because at 20 she’s a minor. She will receive $250 to $300 a week over a seven-year period.
Late 57 has her first screen kiss with Gary Gray in Wild Heritage. She can’t speak English very well and has to have a teacher.
November 57 is signed for Aaron Rosenberg’s Never Steal Anything Small, in which she’ll play a model
4 February 58 is on the cover of Look
Summer 58 her steady is Charles Straus
23 April 59 makes an out-of-court settlement for a reported $4,500 in a traffic suit brought against her in Los Angeles by a retired policewoman. 60-year-old Mary Ross complained she was injured when a car driven by Ingrid hit an auto in which she was a passenger.
April 59 attends Carol Brent’s opening at Ye Little Club with Mike Garth
June 59 her escort to hear Jeri Sullivan at Dino’s Lodge is shoe man Harry Karl
October 61 is expected to waltz down the aisle with Jerry Ohrbach of the department store clan as soon as his Reno divorce is final
1 April 62 marries Jerome Kane Ohrbach, accomplished amateur golfer and president of Ohrbach’s Inc., department stores, in the home of the bridegroom’s parents in Palm Springs, California. Donna Holloway is maid of honor and William Gurney serves as best man. He has three kids from his first marriage to Gladys Otey and two from his second to Marjorie McGee. His father, Nathan M. Ohrbach of New York and Palm Springs, is chairman of the board of Ohrbach’s. He’s 54; she’s 25.
? the Ohrbachs are off to Europe on their wedding trip
62 her husband sells his company to the Brenninkmeyer family of the Netherlands
Mid-December 65 columnist Dorothy Manners reports from the lavish first Christmas party hosted by the Jerry Ohrbachs at the Bistro. Among the guests: Jack Jones, Chris Noel, Stuart Whitman, Anne and Kirk Douglas, Dee Hartford Hawk, Jill Donahue, Allison Hayes, and Jackie Lane, Alain Delon, Greg Bautzer, Sergio Fantoni, Zubin Metha, Liza Minelli, Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse. “So beautiful did Ingrid Ohrbach decorate the cafe with wreaths of red roses, sconces of red and white poinsettia, and clusters of mistletoe tied with red and white ribbons, that Kurt is keeping them through the holidays for regular diners to enjoy...”
October 66 she and her husband have famed designer Valerian Rybar decorate their new home in Beverly Hills. The Ohrbach place actually will be two houses, one for them to live in and another just for play. "Ingrid will have a bedroom paneled in flowered Porthault linen to match the flowered sheets on the bed. The fabrics have been printed specially for her and the rumor is that she plans to switch flower panels with the season."
October 69 as the “best dressed” wife of Jerry Ohrbach, she’s noted at the gala premiere of The Sterile Cuckoo
December 70 attends Hollywood industrial designer Cliff Lambert's party for the Wolf Schoenborns in Oscar de la Renta's amethyst velvet
Late September 71 the Ohrbachs host a cocktail-dinner party for Italian designer Valentino at their Holmby Hills home. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Margaret Silliphant, Anne Hand, Juli Hutner, and Mrs. David May are among the guests.
December 71 she and her husband attend Christina Onassis' 21st birthday party at the Bistro in Beverly Hills. Among the guests are Betsy and Alfred Bloomingdale, Greg Bautzer and Jo Ann Pflug, Rosemary and Robert Stack, Doris and Jules Stein, Fran and Ray Stark, Wally and Seth Weingarten.
October 72 is noted among the socialites owning Adolfo fashion designs
? divorces Ohrbach, who will die at age 82 ín 1990 at his Los Angeles home of Parkinson’s disease
April 74 attends the New York premiere of The Great Gatsby with Art Ryan, Paramount vice president. The guests at the party afterwards at the Great Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel include Charles Bluhdorn, Robert Evans, Frank Yablans, Christina (Mrs. Henry) Ford and Freddie Brisson, Roz Russell, Wilhelmina with Bruce Cooper, Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence, Lois Chiles and Henry Carillo.
July 74 goes to see Henry Fonda's Clarence Darrow at the Huntington Hartford in Hollywood with Dick Martin "in what the gossip columnists like to call a new twosome"
November 74 as Ingrid Ohrbach, she and "her boyfriend Arthur Ryan, a young executive at Paramount Pictures" attend the party Vincente Minnelli throws at his Beverly Hills place for Earl Blackwell. Among the guests are Marisa Berenson and Ricki von Opel, Princess Ira von Fuerstenberg and Roberto Fredrici, Merle Oberon and Rob Wolders, George and Alana Hamilton, Stuart and Caroline Whitman.
Early July 76 divorces Ohrbach and marries Arthur “Art” Ryan, vice president of Paramount, in the Dominican Republic
July 76 Fran and Ray Stark give a dinner dance for her and Ryan
columnist Suzy reports that Ingrid and Ryan just bought a new house on Stone Canyon Road near the Bel Air Hotel...”
c. July 76 she and Ryan have their wedding reception at the Bel Air home of producer Hal B. Wallis. “All those ropes of daisies hanging in garlands about the terrace; the wedding cake rising like a four-tiered Alp from a bed of gardenias; the bride, so blonde and pretty in a long pink chiffon by Bill Blass; Mrs. Wallis (the former Martha Hyer) in a blue and white Dior, Rosemary (Mrs. Robert) Stack in a long Chinese robe. Can’t you see it all? Most of the action took place on the terrace overlooking a turquoise swimming pool...”
June 77 she and Ryan attend the wedding reception of Carole Wells Dohany and wealthy attorney Walter Karabian at their new Hancock Park home. “In the garden full of beauties, Ingrid (Ohrbach) Ryan and Hillevi Schine, were standouts - Ingrid with husband Arthur Ryan, president of Technicolor and Hillevi minus David Schine who had not yet arrived from their home across the street...”
December 82 columnist Suzy says: “Pretty blond Ingrid Ryan of Beverly Hills and Fritz Ingram, the handsome New Orleans multimillionaire, are head over heels. Fritz, whose business is based in London, commutes to California to see Ingrid every chance he gets and they just sort of hold hands and stare at each other. His house in New Orleans is a showplace and his yacht is only fabulous...”
19 February 83 marries Frederic B. Ingram in Los Angeles. He's 53; she's 45.
? as Ingrid H. Ingram, she resides in Santa Barbara, California
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