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(Roberta Arline Schack)
19 August 27 is born in Wichita Falls, Texas, to William and Jewel Schack, nee Eichel
c. 30 moves with her parents to Toronto, Canada, when only one year old
c. 36 moves to Los Angeles at age 7
? her parents settle at 5120 Gloria Avenue, Encino, California
? attends Valley High School
? upon her graduation, she moves to New York, where she studies drama and acting for five months
? attends UCLA
? is briefly wed to a local statistician
? appears in the Stage Inc. productions of Charley’s Aunt, City of Angels, and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
50 scores a big hit on the Broadway stage in The Mad Woman of Chaillot. In Hollywood, when bidding for the same role in a local production of the play, she is told by the producer that she isn’t the right type.
? returns to Los Angeles and appears in Tartuffe, the Imposter with Sam Jaffe at the Ivar in Hollywood
? marries agent Jay Cantor
June 52 is off to Opula Island, British West Samoa, for location filming of Return to Paradise opposite Gary Cooper
? breaks her toe in Samoa
December 52 her agent is Bob Schwartz, who also handles Steve Cochran, Mari Blanchard and newcomer Francesca di Scaffa
her press agent is working overtime planting fake romance items about her. One concerns Winthrop Rockefeller, who doesn’t even know her.
there is some doubt about her "embarrassment" regarding that nekkidy full-page ad which caused some protest when it appeared in Hollywood trade papers. You’re supposed to believe it was all a surprise to her! After all, she posed for it.
c. 53 is one of three newcomers to Columbia, the others being Dianne Foster and Rosemary Bowe
January 53 is the new darling of Marlon Brando
Late January 53 is seen at Jacks at the Beach with Stanley Roberts
April 53 is unhappy that her ex, Jay Cantor, hasn’t invited her to his New York wedding to Judy Balaban. "I’d invite him to mine," she says. "If he was out of town."
May 53 loses out to Donna Reed as the sporting girl in From Here to Eternity. Director Fred Zinnemann, who favored Donna, snipped Roberta out of High Noon last year. It’s feud for thought.
June 53 sparks are expected when Mexican starlet Movita meets up with Roberta. Movita thought she had an exclusive on Marlon Brando until she discovered that he was buying expensive trinkets for Roberta .
August 53 is seen at Ciro’s with Stanley Roberts. Connie Moore sings.
November 53 her blow up with Columbia is so bitter that she waives any money settlement in return for immediate release from her contract. The pact has to go until December
December 53 makes a rare appearance at a premiere with young actor Dick Webb
Late December 53 she and Merry Anders are flown to Seoul, Korea, to entertain the Ninth Corps. Fellow actress Phyllis McCann is flown to Tokyo for treatment of the burns on her arms and face she that she got when a pressurized water can blew up near her and scalded her. Roberta and Merry have to take her place.
March 54 has an aching heart because the love she met in Korea wears a wedding ring
April 54 she and scientist Richard Weiner are a breathless woosome. He waxed The Birth of a Baby.
February 55 signs to star in Bombay Flight. She’ll play an Indian maiden.
March 56 is seen posing at Gary Wagner’s in a shortie nightgown. She explains that she will soon be in a television show.
April 56 is due for a look-see on an upcoming Casablanca stencil. She’s also about set to begin filming a new television series with Jon Hall.
? turns to the behind-the-scenes production end of movie making
4 April 19 dies at age 91 in Delray Beach, Florida
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