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22 July 29 is born in Andover, Massachusetts, to Mr. and Mrs. John D. Henderson. Her grandfather is County Commissioner John Henderson.
50 makes her Broadway debut as Wendy in Peter Pan, starring Jean Arthur and Boris Karloff
is a Theatre World Award winner, for her performance in Peter Pan
c. 50 marries Robert Brodsky in New York
51 her parents live on Meacham Street in Williamstown, Massachusetts
November 51 returns to the stage, joining the National Theatre Company cast of The Moon is Blue in Washington, D.C., replacing Coleen Gray in the leading feminine role
? is on stage in The Moon is Blue when spotted by a Universal-International talent scout
January 52 she and her ex-mate, Robert Brodsky, coo again over long-distance. Columnist Water Winchell expects them to remerge.
Summer 52 she and Brodsky separate
December 53 checks into Las Vegas to establish a six-week residence for a divorce from Brodsky
December 54 is okay after minor surgery
April 55 is said to be Frank Sinatra’s real insomnia
June 55 she and Peggy Connelly are Frank Sinatra's new girls for every other night. She is Peter Lawford's girlfriend on his television show.
September 56 replaces Kathryn Grant, the new love interest of Bing Crosby, in a television film scheduled to start September 11. There are marriage rumors, but Kathryn doesn’t answer her phone.
Christmas 56 spends the holidays with her parents in Williamstown. While there, two of her films, The Naked Hills and Canyon River, are shown in local theaters.
July 57 is reported a coosome at Ciro’s with dancer-actor Gene Nelson
July 58 flies to Las Vegas to catch Duke Lloyd’s performance in Ed Sullivan’s act at the Desert Inn. Duke is Harold Lloyd’s son.
7 September 61 marries actor Robert Ivers. He's 26; she's 32.
26 May 62 her daughter Mallory Anne is born in Los Angeles. She will become A&E Television Networks managing producer Mallory Cangialosi and die at age 43 in Westport, Connecticut, in 2005.
14 August 63 her daughter Alenda Michael is born in Los Angeles
72 moves with her family to Yakima, Washington
23 November 87 as Marcia Prestlien, she dies at age 58 in Yakima, Washington. Her husband and her two daughters survive. Ivers will die at age 68 in 2003 in Yakima, Washington.
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