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(Eleanor Louise Marvak)
June 27 is born
46 dates Huntington Hartford
? starts at the Copacabana
July 47 tells friends she will visit A&P heir Huntington Hartford II in California
3 November 48 marries James S Somers, an actor and cab driver
49 divorces Somers
December 49 will star with Mickey Rooney in The Big Wheel, a motion picture story of the auto racing game. Jack Dempsey, former World Heavyweight champion, will be the producer.
March 50 is a New York gal who gets a big break in Champagne for Caesar
October 50 has a full-page newspaper picture story about getting the cheesecake treatment by famous pinup photographer, Bruno of Hollywood
28 October 50 marries Val Grund, arranger on television’s "The Ken Murray Show"
2 November 52 her daughter, Valerie Jean, is born
? divorces Grund
18 June 55 marries Peter Lance in Los Angeles
4 February 56 her son, Jeffrey Mark, is born
19 dies
Mansfield News-Journal, Waterloo Sunday Courier, Syracuse Herald-Journal, Herald-Journal
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