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19 November 21 is born in Fort Worth, Texas
40 is selected a "Baby Star" by the Motion Picture Publicists Association. The 13 others are Ella Bryan, Lucia Carroll, Peggy Diggins, Lorraine Elliott, Jayne Hazard, Joan Leslie, Kay Leslie, Gay Parkes, Lois Ranson, Sheila Ryan, Patricia Van Cleve, and Tanya Widrin.
April 41 columnist Jimmy Fidler asks if she knows she’s playing with fire, being so stuck on that leading man
October 41 she and Terry Hunt keep having dates
Mid-November 42 she and Tom Brown, who were planning to blend, cancel the whole thing
End November 42 makes a quick shift from Tom Brown to meatpacker Phil Raffin
July 43 columnist Walter Winchell suspects that she and Lieutenant Tom Brown are secretly sealed
March 44 is elected "Zoom Girl" by the sailors in the torpedo shop at San Diego Naval Air Station
July 45 she and actor Conrad Nagel are a duet
21 December 45 marries former matinee idol and screen and radio actor Conrad Nagel at the municipal building in Fort Lee, New Jersey, more than ten years after he and his first wife, Ruth Helms, were divorced. He gives his age as 45; she says she is 23. In fact he’s 48; she’s 24.
Christmas 45 she and Nagel have a Christmas honeymoon
May 46 is named honorary police chief by Los Angeles cops for their annual police show
End March 47 wins an interlocutory divorce from Nagel in Los Angeles. She testifies her husband has been a bachelor so long that he made her "feel like a guest in the house" by not permitting her to do the shopping or give instructions to the servants. The press gives his age as 49, hers as 24.
April 47 she and Joe Kirkwood, Jr., are a constant duet at Mike Lyman’s
May 47 hits the jackpot with 44-year-old John Ringling North, president of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. He loads her down with new furs and jewels. She probably will get free tickets to the circus, too.
July 47 columnist Walter Winchell sees her Champagne Rooming with Stuart Barthelmess, who used to date Natalie Draper, Wendy Russell, and his godmother, Kay Francis
April 48 is off to Rome, Italy, to appear in movies. There she meets young Robert W. Goelet, who is associated with a company making films in Rome and jobs as an assistant director.
Summer 48 makes a series of stock company appearances in upstate New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania with her former husband, Nagel
26 August 48 her divorce from Nagel becomes final. She severs the last ties of her marriage after taking five months to make up her mind.
Late October 48 she and Mary Damon are the escort of the Marquess of Milford Haven, who visits El Morocco nightclub shortly after his arrival in America. The Marquess has been a frequent escort of Princess Margaret of Great Britain.
c. 49 is elected "The Perfect Figure Girl"
September 49 columnist Erskine Johnson thinks that she and wealthy Bobby Goelet are flirting with the altar
25 October 49 elopes to Paris, France, with Robert W. Goelet, Jr., member of a wealthy Newport, Rhode Island, family and heir to one of America’s great fortunes. He's 28; she's 27. Goelet is immediately disinherited by his mother, Donna Fernanda di Villa Rosa, the Princess Riabouchinsky of Florence, who is living in Rome. His father is New York banker and real-estate millionaire Robert Goelet. Robert, Jr., was previously married to Jane Monroe of Boston, who divorced him in 1946, charging that he was more interested in being a drummer in a swing band than he was in her.
29 October 49 her mother, Jane Merrick, is informed of the marriage in a cablegram. It says that the couple is now honeymooning in Paris and plans to return next month.
25 March 50 swallows 10 sleeping pills in the climax of a spat with her husband, Goelet, in Hollywood. Attendants at Santa Monica Hospital, where she is taken, administer emergency treatment and say she will recover. The report is telephoned to the police by Goelet. Authorities say the actress said she took the pills because she was "mad" at her husband and had "family trouble."
? files for divorce from Goelet. Goelet will die at age 68 in 1989 in Palm Beach, Florida.
March 55 shows New York to European film producer Henrys Lester
May 56 is expected to waltz down the aisle with interior decorator Paul Manno after all the divorce details with Goelet are settled
June 57 despite the marriage rumors with her, the girl Manno keeps escorting to the Left Bank is Mickey Miller, an almond-eyed member of the Ziegfeld Follies ensemble
February 58 marries Paul Manno
November 59 divorces Manno. Manno will marry British-born Sheelagh Lynch, a former Ford model, in 1963, and will live with her in Manhattan and West Hampton until his death in February 2011.
25 March 07 as Lynn Merrick, she dies at age 85 at her home in West Palm Beach, Florida, after a long illness
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