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Noreen Michaels
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13 August 28 is born in Los Angeles, California
13 April 51 signs her movie contract at Universal-International
July 51 the press reports about her and Frank Sinatra: "Six years ago, pretty Noreen Michaels was among a throng of swooning bobby soxers who mobbed Frankie in Detroit, Michigan. She came out of the melee with part of the crooner’s tie. Recently, Noreen signed a Universal-International contract. A week ago, Sinatra began filming Meet Danny Wilson on the U-I lot. Yesterday Noreen presented Sinatra with the bit of tie, which he recognized. He rewarded her devotion with a nice part in the picture."
August 51 a newspaper pinup of her tells that 13 is her lucky number
she and fellow starlet Yvette Dugay are pictured cooling off in a waterfall and pool constructed on a Hollywood studio lot. "As the temperatures soared into the upper 90s, the girls were far more interested in keeping cool than in acting. They are a couple of flames from Flame of Araby."
November 51 will play an important supporting role in Reunion in Reno opposite Mark Stevens, Peggy Dow and Gigi Perreau
c. 53 leaves Universal-International after two years and turns to modeling
May 54 dates ball point pen manufacturer Leo Kimberlys, former love of MGM starlet Perry Sheehan. They are at Ciro’s with the Artie Stebbins and pretty 18-year-old Ann Stebbins.
55 begins fashion designing
59 marries Robert Frost
Early 60s her fashions attract the eye of actresses like Agnes Moorehead and of Joan Cohn, widow of Columbia Studios magnate Harry Cohn. Joan suggests to Noreen that she go into wholesale and loans her $20,000 to get started. The designs are under the name Janor, a combination of Joan and Noreen.
her two daughters are born
? wins the praise of several designers including Pierre Balmain, who describes her clothes as "the most beautiful in America"
76 works as a fashion designer on Logan's Run
November 76 the press reports: "Janor got her start in fashion as a young actress making beaded sweaters for friends and a living for her children. As a life-long seamstress and later a couture designer, when her garments were priced from $400 to $2,000, she became an expert at draping and cutting fabric."
06 still very glamorous, she resides in the Palm Springs area
23 October 07 as Noreen Frost, she dies at age 79 in California
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