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(Erika Knab)
4 September 35 is born in Germany
War Years her father and mother are killed by the Russians
55 debuts under the name of Erika Knab in the German film Eine Frau genuegt nicht
c. 57 is under contract to Berolina studio of West Berlin, Germany, when she comes to the States. Because the studio doesn’t pay her expenses and it becomes quite expensive for her to fly back and forth, she enters the used car business and starts exporting Volkswagens to the States.
60 invests the money she makes with cars in coin-operated laundries
May 60 columnist Earl Leaf thinks she's "a Swiss miss with lips made to kiss..."
November 60 columnist Hedda Hopper heralds that Erika will star in The Con Woman, a.k.a. Die Hochstaplerin, playing an American girl living in Berlin
January 61 is up for Allied Artists’ The Eichmann Story
she and Cy Howard exchange gifts
April 61 drives Cy Howard to the airport, "and keep an eye on this. Erika's divorce is final in three months..."
May 61 she and Cy Howard "have decided not to see each other anymore. 'We were getting too serious,' says Erika. 'I went through one divorce. I want to be real sure next time..."
December 61 wins an acquittal on a traffic citation in Hollywood. "The 26-year-old television and movie star so thoroughly convinced a jury she was innocent of a charge of refusing to yield the right of way that they took only half an hour to deliver a verdict."
Mid-April 64 she and Sy Devore announce their engagement. They will marry when his divorce becomes final in August. Devore will go to Germany to meet her relatives.
29 August 64 marries stylist and costume designer Sy Devore, Hollywood’s most famous men’s wear purveyor, at his Beverly Hills home. He's 56; she's 28 / 29. Among his clients are Liberace, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, William Holden, and Frank Sinatra. His suits range from $350 for a custom-made one to $450 for a vicuna outfit.
11 July 66 becomes the widow of Devore, who dies at age 57 of a heart attack at his Hollywood home. He’s survived by Erika; a brother, Al, who was his partner; and a daughter, Lisa, by his previous marriage.
5 September 66 Devore's former wife, Mary Lou Laramore, 41, of 412 North Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills, and Devore's brother Alexander file a writ of habeas corpus to gain custody of Sy's 14-year-old adopted daughter, Lisa Devore, heiress to the bulk of the half-million-dollar estate of clothier Sy Devore.
8 September 66 receives temporary custody of Lisa Devore in Los Angeles Superior Court. She claims that Lisa Devore was living with her since her marriage to Devore and files a petition for guardianship of the girl. Lisa testifies before Superior Judge Laurence J. Rittenband that she wants to remain in Erika's custody. Rittenband says his decision was "difficult and soul-searching." He notes that Mrs. Laramore was "disliked" by Lisa and that she never had made any real attempt to let the girl live with her.
April 67 is co-chairman of the Los Angeles-Bordeaux Sister City Committee at Bordeaux Day held at the Spring Street forecourt of Los Angeles City Hall
April 68 is seen at Matteo’s with Stan Herman
November 68 attends owner Jack Hanson’s annual anniversary party at the Daisy Club with Bob Brunson
December 68 her escort at Matteo’s is David Hamilton
July 69 as Erika Devore, she is a member of the Berlin Sisters City Committee and will commentate on Berlin's 1969 German-American Volksfest fashion show
17 May 22 as Erika Devore Brunson, she dies at age 86 in Los Angeles
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