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22 January 28 / 29 is born in Limerick, Ireland
October 50 opposes Hollywood bigwigs, who want to change her name. Battling for the honor of 1,500,000 Smiths, she intends to remain Miss Smith.
c. 51 there are rumors she will set a wedding date with British producer John Boulting while in England for The House in the Square opposite Tyrone Power
Early 51 meets young British actor Bryan Forbes
February 51 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that she will marry John Boulting, British film producer
1 February 51 marries Forbes in Caxton Hall, London. He’s 24; she’s 23.
February 51 has no honeymoon with Forbes. He has to report immediately to his play, The Holly and the Ivy, and she to Tyrone Power for her film, The House in the Square. In spite of the suddenness of the nuptials, she reminds that she has known him for three years.
May 51 asks to be replaced in The House in the Square. The studio version of the cast switch - Ann Blyth is rushed to replace her - is that Constance is too ill to continue.
August 51 nurses bruises after she wraps her car around a pepper tree in Beverly Hills. She learned to drive for her role in Red Skies of Montana.
October 51 she and Forbes lease actress Rhonda Fleming’s home
June 52 is seen at the Mocambo with Ralph Fields. Joe E. Lewis performs.
July 52 gets her part in Taxi after producer Sam Engel tested young New York TV actress Kathleen Crowley
is seen at the Captain’s Table with Ralph Fields
says "nonsense" to the rumor that there’s more to her separation from Forbes than the expanse of land and sea between Hollywood and London
September 52 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that it’s a case of mistaken identity in the Dan Dailey-Constance Smith romance reports. The beauty’s name is the same, but she’s a blond and not the movie enchantress who co-stars with Dan in Taxi.
April 53 columnist Jimmy Fidler knows that there’s no truth in published reports that she and John Hodiak are contemplating marriage. But she’s already called for by someone who’ll make Hollywood’s eyes bug out when the movie colony finally finds out about it.
May 53 is guest of honor at a birthday party. Among the guests are actor Robert Stack and her cousin, Patricia Hughes.
August 53 her date at the Encore Room is Bob Calhoun
September 53 can’t get a date set for the trial because Forbes won’t give his consent to a divorce. She’ll have to go to London and talk to him. She hopes to make this trip after she finishes Man in the Attic.
November 53 is no longer under contract to 20th Century-Fox
signs the legal papers to start the divorce action against Forbes
January 54 is unhappy about the way her career has gone since she left 20th Century-Fox and hires a new agent to guide her
January 55 and Forbes file for divorce in London. Columnist Walter Winchell expects her next to be Michael Luke, the Irish poet.
c. June 55 divorces Forbes, who charges desertion. Forbes will marry fellow British actress Nanette Newman the same year.
? remarries
December 61 tries to stab her live-in boyfriend, documentary maker and film authority Paul Rotha. He’s 53 / 63; she’s 32. He claims he intends to marry her nevertheless and says his marriage plans are delayed because both are already married.
62 is sentenced to three months in prison for stabbing Rotha
August 62 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports a happy end to the stabbing. Constance and Rotha expect to be married soon.
4 February 68 tries to stab Rotha for the second time at their home in Manchester, England
5 February 68 is charged with attempted murder and is remanded into custody until February 13
June 03 dies at age 75 in Islington, London, England, of natural causes
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