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7 June 20 is born in Atlanta, Georgia, of part Cherokee Indian descent. Her mother’s maiden name is Bryd.
38 is crowned "Miss Atlanta"
10 September 38 as "Miss Atlanta," she is among Dixie's hopes in the "Miss America" beauty pageant held in City, New Jersey
? is discovered by a Warner scout in a production of the Community Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia
March 41 is added to the contract list at Warner Brothers. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 123 pounds.
April 41 she and fellow starlets Marguerite Chapman and Georgia Carroll are pictured watching homing pigeons go through paces in California's San Fernando Valley before being sent to the Royal Air Force as messengers between downed planes and headquarters
June 41 as Alice Talton, she is the seventh member of the "The Navy Blues Sextet," for Navy Blues, added as a last-minute measure. She doesn't appear in the film that created the sextet, but she's a much need substitute. "If one of the others gets the migraine, has to see the dentist, has a heavy morning-after or, for any other reason, cannot appear - Alice is there." The seven beauties, including Marguerite Chapman, Lorraine Gettman, Peggy Diggins, Claire James, Kay Aldridge, and Georgia Carroll, are sent to Honolulu for the world premiere, then return to make a cross-country junket starting in Dallas, Texas, and ending in New York City, where Sherman Billingsley gives them a well-publicized party at his famous Stork Club.
3 September 41 columnist Louella Parsons reports: “The first stopping place of Warner’s Navy Blues sextet is Dallas, the home of Georgia Carroll. Then they go to Memphis and then to New York. In New York Sherman Billingsley is giving them a party at the Stork Club. You can leave it to Bob Taplinger, Warner’s praise genius, to think up something for the girls and here it is: They have an act in which all of them appear as advocates of shorter dresses - defense saving. All of the girls, Georgia Carroll, Kay Aldridge, Peggy Diggins, Marguerite Chapman, Lorraine Gettman, and Alice Talton, are giving a farewell party tonight at the Mocambo. They’ll leave Wednesday and it is really a stunt for movie beauties to give the tired businessmen something to think about besides war and other worries.”
8 April 44 marries Lou Kerner, ex-Hollywood agent and Air Force sergeant in Beverly Hills, California
1 January 45 her son, Bruce Marcus, is born in Los Angeles
October 51 stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds
April 54 after 4 years, she succeeds with members of the Georgia parole board at Atlanta to grant freedom to her 29-year-old brother Richard, who is serving a 9- to 20-year sentence for robbery
? marries TV director George Cahan
February 55 bad electronics turn her into a three-tone doll when she wears a gold evening dress in an experimental telecast of "My Favorite Husband"
says about her career: "...I learned quick that I had a lot to learn about acting. So I left Hollywood to learn how to act in stock. Then I acted my way back to Hollywood."
September 55 she and Cahan deny separation rumors
wants out of the cast of "My Favorite Husband" when it comes back as a teleseries with Barry Nelson and Vanessa Brown
? her daughter is born
June 91 becomes the widow of Cahan, who dies at age 72 in Los Angeles
7 April 92 as Alice T. Cahan, she dies at age 72 in Burbank, California, from lung cancer
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