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(Greta Thygesen)
30 March 27 is born in Copenhagen, Denmark
51 is crowned "Miss Copenhagen" and "Miss Denmark"
52 goes to Hollywood at Howard Hughes’ suggestion
? is Johnny Meyer's girlfriend. They enjoy a tempestuous romance.
May 52 elopes with Al Trilla to Nevada. Meyer is happy dating his ex, Patsi Lydon.
February 53 gives Charles Chaplin, Jr., heart troubles
April 53 bleaches her hair from brunette to almost white and wears a hairdo that makes her look like she had two heads
6 October 53 is charged with two violations of her visitor’s permit and faces deportation. First, she failed to leave the States when her permit expired in March 1953. Second, she was working in motion pictures and television although she was officially in the States only as a visitor. She has 10 days to appeal the order to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Washington.
May 57 is the new dream girl of actor Michael Rennie
July 57 stuns millionaire Hal Hayes
Manny Frank is really serious about her
September 57 at El Morocco Tommy Manville asks her to be his 11th. His attorney is discussing a divorce from Pat Gaston.
December 57 is signed by Jan Murray as hostess-pirate gal on his NBC "Treasure Hunt" quizzer
attends the American premiere of The Bridge on the River Kwai in New York. Many socialites and stage and screen celebrities attend the performance, proceeds from which go to charity.
gets a very rich but necessarily anonymous admirer in New York while there to film Country Boy with Zsa Zsa Gabor
January 58 she, Tina Louise, and pitcher Whitey Ford will judge Grossinger’s barrel-jumping contest
March 58 intimates say her true favorite is George Zelonka, an unpublicized beau, who toils in the construction business in New Jersey. Zelonka will marry gorgeous Willie Clevenger in August 1958.
will sue for $50,000 for injuries to her glamorous frame when she was allegedly hit by a truck
attends the benefit premiere of Desire Under the Elms in New York. Its star, Anthony Perkins, is seen flanked by her and actress Tina Louise.
April 58 is seen at the Friars Club with Jack Barry
May 58 is now the pastry of B. Frank, vocalist of Sammy Kaye
is the blind date of Tommy Manville at the big Roundtable cafe opening
she and millionaire Herbert Kahn, relative of the late Wall Street baron Otto H. Kahn, are together again after a 2-month split
December 58 she and Elizabeth Allen battle during rehearsals of Eddie Dowling’s Starward Ark, so Elizabeth will be replaced when it opens in Washington on December 26.
? has an affair with Cary Grant
21 June 59 marries husband #3, television actor George R. Starr, at a resort hotel in Montauk, Long Island. The civil ceremony is performed by the Montauk Justice of the Peace. He’s 26; she’s 27.
January 60 she and Starr have trouble in paradise
columnist Walter Winchell reports that her estranged husband, Starr, tells pals they are abrogating "because she doesn’t want to lose her figure having babies"
April 60 is put in handcuffs for pushing an officer, Gerry Jackson, after an argument at a traffic light in Hollywood. She claims she thought the cop was going to kiss her. She is booked on suspicion of disturbing the peace.
19 May 60 pleads guilty and faces sentence on her trial on May 24
2 June 60 is fined $50 and placed on probation for one year for disturbing the peace as the result of an argument with a traffic officer in Los Angeles
August 60 her newest interest is actor Lance Fuller
17 August 60 is granted a divorce from Starr in Los Angeles
18 August 60 becomes increasingly familiar with the workings of U.S. courts when fined with $25 for a traffic violation
October 60 columnist Earl Wilson thinks that when her divorce is final, her next will be Lance Fuller
December 60 dates Tommy Gallagher
2 January 61 wins a divorce from Starr in Los Angeles. She complains her husband embarrassed her by insisting on separate tables at restaurants. Her corroborating witness is actress Vicki Dougan. Afterwards they pose for the press.
March 61 dates Joe Rivkin, the Allied Artists executive
October 61 wears Al Gabor’s engagement ring again after a brief quarrel
March 62 finishes her first novel, Public Image, which will be published by Viking and possibly produced as a Broadway show
May 62 flies from Los Angeles to New York to see her guy, Jack LeVien, and sell her novel to Bernard Geiss
Mid-July 63 there are rumors she married steel man Ted Guenther
20 July 63 spends the first day of her honeymoon with Guenther at Monmouth Park racetrack in Ocean Port, New Jersey. Jockeys present her a huge wedding cake.
July 63 Playboy denies she turned down posing nude. Hugh Hefner says Playboy turned Greta down.
breaks off with Guenther. She talked it over with her press agent and says "I love film but I can’t jump into marriage."
End July 63 heads for a job in Los Angeles; her husband goes north on business
September 63 will be in Delbert Mann's upcoming Quick Before It Melts
is picked to be the new Mae West by Jack Linder, who presented Mae in Diamond Lil and now wants to star Greta in Lady Chatterley's Lover
January 64 she and Guenther tiff like teeners, which they ain’t
January 68 expects her baby in February
14 February 69 her daughter, Genevieve Juliette, "Gin-Gin," is born
October 68 will be hostess at the opening of a National Guard officers club in New York City. Her husband, Guenther, is a first lieutenant.
December 70 is turned away at Roseland when she arrives in knickers
? publishes her book, The Liberated Mother & Daughter
March 75 goes back to her studies at the Actor’s Studio
6 January 18 as Greta Guenther, she dies at age 90 of pneumonia at her Manhattan home
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