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30 November 25 is born in Néris-les-Bains, Allier, France
Mid-40s begins as a fashion model
August 46 the US press reports that she was discovered for Hollywood when Charly Einfeld, executive producer of Arch of Triumph, and David Loew see her modeling French styles in a pictorial magazine. Einfeld and Loew cable Nate West in Paris to make a test.
47 tours Brazil for publicity purposes
April 48 tours the United States on behalf of American Aid to France, Inc., and the American Overseas Aid-United Nations Appeal for Children as well as to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the rededication of L’Arc de Triomphe. As “Miss Arch of Triumph,” she promotes Arch of Triumph, the Ingrid Bergman-Charles Boyer movie, and has the press reporting: “She averages about seven events a day... She has been interviewed by all the local press, the news services, the feature services and most of the magazines... She has judged beauty contests and has been on the radio. She dated Maurice Chevalier, danced with Prince Troubetzkoy, and has attended innumerable parties given by sponsor-type dowagers with blue hair.”
8 April 48 is guest at a luncheon given by United Artists at L’Aiglon in New York City. On display are photographs of a wardrobe created for her by Carven of Paris. “It features a small-waisted silhouette with the fullness of the skirt restrained until released at the hips.”
April 48 acts as a judge in a series of fashion showings for the current “Crusade for Children”
May 48 takes in her first American football game at Columbus, Ohio, where the Ohio State University intra-squad game is the attraction
June 48 returns to Paris
December 48 is heralded the most photographed girl in France when she arrives in New York. “The top French model will do modeling, starting at $25 an hour, the highest price any American model commands.”
December 50 is in New York again for a three-week vacation. “The Frenchmen know how to court a woman,” she says. “He gives her flowers; takes her to dinner; flatters her and admires her clothes. He is not too aggressive in the love department. He is - how you say? - making haste slowly.”
52 meets Prince Aly Khan, son of the Aga Khan and estranged husband of actress Rita Hayworth, at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt. Lise will soothe him during the frustrating months he tries to win back Rita.
April 54 attends the 7th Film Festival of Cannes, France. The press catches her sailing with fellow movie actress Elisa LaMotte.
June 54 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she is cutting in on Gene Tierney's time with Aly
July 54 the press reports: “Aly’s roster of beauties are Greek actress Irene Papas; and a young Milan stenographer, both of whom claim they’re engaged to Aly; French cover girl Lise Bourdin; Lorraine Dubonet, the French wine heiress; singer Danny Daubertson; Yvonne de Carlo and actress Joan Fontaine.”
December 54 is in Rome, Italy, for the filming of Elementary School
March 56 is photographed for Pageant by Peter Basch
May 56 her frequent escort is producer Darryl F. Zanuck
63 marries Roberto Seabra, a wealthy Brazilian
65 divorces Seabra
74 becomes the girlfriend of Raymond Marcellin, Interior minister of France
September 04 Marcellin dies at age 90
08 resides in Paris
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