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29 December 24 / 32 is born in New York City
? earns an MA degree at Columbia University
October 51 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she and actor Brian Donlevy "are melting icebergs"
January 52 she and Donlevy are seen at the Beverly Hills Club
August 53 columnist Edith Gwynn reports that Pamela’s, "a new film find with a 'five-foot shelf,' and Marshall Wright, hotel executive, are a current excitement”
June 54 advertises for Hollywood Bread
February 55 is on the cover of Night & Day
December 55 is Lance Fuller’s date at the Captain's Table. The night before, Fuller was seen with Kay Brown at Jacks at the Beach.
February 56 is Dave Wolper’s date at Nat "King" Cole's opening at Ciro's
May 57 sports a new Thunderbird, "the result of all her work recently. She's been in Hollywood a couple of years but never set foot on a movie lot until a month ago. She stuck strictly to TV till she thought she was ready for the flicks and bigger billing."
July 57 is seen at the Eldorado with Lance Fuller
August 57 columnist Lee Mortimer asks: "If actor Steve Cochran is talking marriage with Denise Darcel, how come he was in Hollywood's Billy Gray's Bandbox two nights running with Pamela Duncan, of the flicks, and purty, too?..."
October 57 is seen at the Eldorado with Don Durant
November 57 columnist Walter Winchell reports "Pat Conway, hero of 'Tombstone Territory,' the new television series, went that-a-way with actress Pamela Duncan, leading lady of last week's "Winchell File." They go to the hitching point next spring..."
July 58 the press heralds her a "Famous Unknown" after 200 live TV shows, 100 telefilms and six movies. She's expected to break through in the upcoming Gun Battle at Monterey.
September 58 her escort at the Cocoanut Grove is Steve Cochran
9 November 59 is among the 1959 Hollywood Deb stars presented by Bob Hope on his NBC-TV show. The others are Carol Douglas, Maggie Pierce, Yvette Mimieux, Leslie Parrish, Barbara Lawson, Linda Hutchins, Hope, Diane McBain, Shirley Knight, and Sherry Jackson.
January 60 promotes a breakfast nook pattern in local newspapers
August 60 helps Max Bear, Jr., son of the late heavyweight champion, to get a talk with casting directors at MGM and Warner Brothers
September 60 Winchell writes: "I'm a dizzy in a tizzy: What's with Max Bear, Jr., and Pamela Duncan?"
October 61 is queen hostess at Worthington's Dodge City Popularity Queen Contest in North Hollywood
June 01 resides at the Lillian Booth Actors' Fund of America Home in Englewood, New Jersey, and swaps stories of glory days gone by. She remembers casting directors likened her to Rita Hayworth and put her in hundreds of films: "I wonder how I got so lucky."
11 November 05 dies at age 72 / 80 in Englewood, New Jersey, of complications from a stroke
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