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5 April 27 is born in Curlew, Iowa, to Albert A. and Ingle Easton, nee Schupfer, one of four children
? attends grade school in Curlew
? helps her aunt, Ethel Easton, in her Curlew drugstore
5 October 37 rendering a vocal solo, she becomes the winner of an amateur talent contest held in the Iowa Theatre in Emmetsburg, Iowa
? attends Sacred Heart school in Ayrshire
? graduates from St. Joseph Academy in Des Moines, Iowa
46 her father dies
March 47 signs as a soloist with Freddy Nagel’s Sophisticated Swing orchestra and tours Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Colorado
10 July 47 begins a three-month engagement with Nagel at the Palmer House in Chicago, Illinois
August 47 heralded a Chicago singer, she poses in “the two piece bathing suit she made out of dry-cleanse neckties”
September 47 demonstrates the cleansing qualities of a bathtub full of pretzels, a "new twist in bubble baths"
? sings in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with Harry James’ and Gene Krupa’s bands
? moves to California
January 50 is on the cover of Sir!
July 50 heralded "Curlew’s and Palo Alto County’s contribution to feminine glamour," she’s featured in U. S. Camera
November 51 columnist Hedda Hopper witnesses her being picked by Harpo Marx for his TV debut on "The Colgate Comedy Hour," hosted by Donald O'Connor
March 52 is a pinup model in Glamorous Models
is hailed a new screen star, having been once of Palo Alto, California
October 52 as antique dealers’ “Curio Queen,” she promotes National Curio Week
November 52 she and fellow model Betty Shewman grace the Independent Grocers Alliance Brand Sweepstakes promotion, presenting I.G.A. balloons with riddles attached
August 53 is on the cover of Vue
September 54 is on the cover of Frolic
February 55 is on the cover of Frolic
June 55 she and fellow actresses Jane Howard and Myrna Hansen promote The Purple Mask by modeling lingerie from Napoleon’s time
January 56 she and fellow model Lynne Hoag are pictured promoting TV's "The Great Gildersleeve"
April 56 is seen at the Eldorado with Hal Conrad
October 57 is featured in Real War
8 April 58 her name shows up in Johnny Stompanato’s “little brown book containing the names and telephone numbers of dozens of Hollywood actresses.” Stompanato had been stabbed to death by Lana Turner’s daughter on April 4. Others in that book are Anita Ekberg, Zsa Zsa Gabor, June Allyson, Arleen Whelan, Peggy Connolly, Mari Blanchard, Beverly Tyler, and Patricia Powell.
August 58 is the center spread in Glamor Parade
May 63 the local press notes her visiting Emmetsburg and Curlew on her way to New York for nightclub engagements. She drives a Thunderbird.
? makes home in New York
14 December 72 her mother dies at age 76 at the Sherman Nursing Home in Fort Dodge, Iowa
? resides in New York City
28 January 08 dies at age 80
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