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(Joan Henrietta Collins)
23 May 33 is born in London, England
c. 48 spends her 16th summer at a French beach with Mom, sister Jackie, and her little brother, Bill
? after high school she studies acting at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts
24 May 52 marries Rank star Maxwell Reed one day after her 19th birthday. They were introduced by fellow actor Laurence Harvey. Reed is 12 years older and widely disliked by her parents. They move into a lavishly decorated, Spanish-style penthouse.
Early 50s is on the London stage with Reed in Seventh Veil and Jassy
Reed sues her for $1,500-a-month alimony, which she pays for a while to keep him quiet
54 the Reeds split permanently on her 21st birthday
56 receives her divorce from Reed in Los Angeles after a long separation
April 56 was supposed to get her divorce months ago, when her romance with Syd Chaplin looked as though it would end in marriage, but doesn’t bother to now that she's switched to Arthur Loew, Jr.
57 switches from producer Arthur Loew, Jr. to playboy Nicky Hilton
June 57 attends the premiere of Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison with the ex-boyfriend of Natalie Wood, Nicky Hilton
wants actor Jeffrey Hunter to ask her for a date
is at the Luau for lunch with hotel heir Nicky Hilton
58 producer Walter Wanger plans for her to star in his upcoming Cleopatra. The role will eventually go to Elizabeth Taylor.
c. 58 like Kim Novak and Zsa Zsa Gabor, she is a frequent guest on Dominican playboy Ramfis Trujillo's yacht, the Angelita
26 March 58 attends the Academy Awards in a very extreme bubble skirt
October 58 takes stock of herself when she finds she is listed as one of Hollywood’s worst dressed women
18 December 58 wears a striking short bouffant evening gown at the premiere of Some Came Running
October 60 doesn’t relish a separation from her boyfriend, actor Warren Beatty, when accepting to film A Wife For The King opposite Richard Egan in Rome, Italy
she and Beatty plan to marry despite the fact that she has to pay alimony to her previous mate
27 May 63 marries actor-composer-singer Anthony Newley
12 October 63 her daughter Tara Cynara is born
8 September 65 her son Alexander Anthony, called Sacha, is born
13 August 69 attends the funeral of murdered Sharon Tate at the Holy Cross Memorial Cemetery in Culver City
70 divorces Newley
March 72 marries record company executive and film producer Ronald S. Kass
June 72 her daughter Katyana, called Katy, is born
83 divorces Kass. Kass will die from cancer in 1986.
85 marries Swedish pop singer-turned-businessman Peter Holm
25 August 87 divorces Holm after lengthy divorce proceedings in Los Angeles
17 February 02 marries theater manager Percy Gibson. She's 68; he's 36.
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