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(Jenifer / Jennifer Puckle)
19 July 31 is born in Walmer, Kent, the daughter of Kenneth Alfred Bridge Puckle, a major in the service of the Royal Marines
? attends Wimbledon School of Arts
? marries husband number one
56 finding early married life in a top-floor flat in Wimbledon rather boring, she confidentially tells her landlady, who, impressed by her looks and figure, not only suggests a modeling school, but gets her the admission forms and helps her choose a dress for the interview
? commences her career as a freelance illustrator and augments her earnings by modeling
? is signed by the Rank Organisation
57 she and fellow Rank starlet June Laverick pose for Christmas publicity pictures
November 58 is on the cover of Picturegoer
January 61 during the filming of Mysterious Island, she falls from a horse and is bruised in areas uncovered by a bikini, so she's forced to go undercover for a while
6 July 62 marries 45-year-old Hon. Anthony Gerald Samuel, son of Sir Walter Horace Samuel, the 2nd Viscount Bearsted, and Dorothy Montefiore Micholls, a grandson of the founder of Shell. Samuel's a racehorse owner and publisher of English humorist P. G. Wodehouse. He has two daughters from his first marriage to Mary Eve Higgins.
66 divorces Samuel, who will marry Mercy Haystead the same year
71 becomes the first wife of 29-year-old Timothy Felix Harold, 4th Baronet of Cassel
72 her daughter, Natalia Hermione, is born
74 her son, Alexander James Felix, is born
77 divorces Cassel. He will marry Baroness Ann Mallalieu in 1979.
25 November 15 dies at age 84 in England
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