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(Dora Jane Temple)
7 October 24 is born in Arkansas to Mr. and Mrs. Temple, nee Babcock
? works as a model in a Dallas store, where they change her name to Temple Texas
? models for Harry Conover
7 December 44 is in Billy Rose's The Seven Lively Arts by George S. Kaufman, Moss Hart, and Charles Sherman, premiering at the Ziegfeld Theater, New York City. Heading the cast are Beatrice Lillie, Bert Lahr, Benny Goodman, Nan Wynn, and Dolores Gray.
January 45 comedian Jackie Miles flies into New York City just to see her in The Seven Lively Arts
March 45 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports her sporting "an unusual diamond bracelet. Unusual because it was given to her not by a beau, but by her pop..."
June 45 Kilgallen reports that Temple and Miles "have invited all of Philly to their wedding in a fortnight..."
46 is on the New York stage in Diamond Horseshoe
September 46 is reported peddling frankfurters in a Mexican stadium and making a mint at it
4 February 47 is at New York's Biltmore in It Takes Two, playing blond tramp Comfort Gibson. Leading the cast are Martha Scott, Reta Shaw, Hugh Marlowe, and John Forsythe.
May 47 columnist Walter Winchell reports that "Victor Mature and Temple Texas are having difficulties over who's to get top billing with the minister..."
April 48 Winchell notes her "parading her tiny poodle Floosy, in the Park Avenue. Temple, the skyscraper show-gal, uses one of her diamond bracelets for the pup's collar!"
switches to cafe singing. She's scheduled to open at a Statler hotel.
February 49 helps inaugurate Brotherhood Week, February 20-27, sponsored by the National Conference of Christians and Jews. "Indian ballerina Maria Talichief, actress Allyn McLerie and television star Temple Texas, each of different faith, pay a visit to Temple Emanu-el, New York City, where Senior Rabbi Reverend Julius Mark, illustrates the ancient ritual of the Torah at the altar of the synagogue."
March 49 Winchell spots her "in a blue-mink which she captured on a weekend in Boston..."
April 49 appears on a sponsored television show hosting guests like Peter Lorre
October 49 her latest admirer is a St. Louis banana king. Columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows him in "that white mink mood."
October 50 Kilgallen reports Temple's "number one admirer is no piker. Sent her a mink coat - and sent one to her French poodle, too!"
April 52 her new husband is heralded a "St. Louis cafe prap and banana king. Merged at Acapulco."
September 54 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she shed her mate
October 56 goes into Everybody Loves Me and promises "I'm going to be bigger than Jayne Mansfield in every way..."
July 59 Winchell writes that she, a "showgirl-turned-publicist, lost her mother..."
September 59 Billy Rose is reported dating her and Ruth Joseph Davis, his ex-showgals
April 60 she and Cecil Barker, Red Skelton's producer, "raise their own heat digging Peggy Lee's Fever at Basin Street"
November 60 meets ex-model Choo-Choo Johnson at 21 and they recall the first time they met. "She was a beginner, and greatly envied and admired Choo-Choo, who exclaimed, 'Because I had the best made-up nickname in the business until you came along!'"
c. early 62 marries Joseph Shribman, manager of singer Rosemary Clooney
29 March 62 her son, Owen N., is born in Los Angeles
May 62 the press reports that Lucille Ball helped her and Shribman to adopt a baby boy via Lucy's pal, Jane Russell, president of the WAIFs. They named him Owen.
12 August 63 her daughter, Trudie B., is born in Los Angeles
? resides at Corona Del Mar, California
24 December 86 Shribman dies at age 73 in California
18 June 87 as Dora Jane Shribman, she dies at age 62 in Newport Beach, California
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