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6 February 23 is born in Denver, Colorado / Lincoln, Nebraska, the heir to a multi-million dollar property empire in St. Louis, Missouri
? is raised and educated at Scottsbluff, Nebraska
? lives in New York and works as a Conover model
February 42 drives an air raid ambulance around New York City
Hank Greenberg sighs over her
? models for such renowned illustrators as Alberto Vargas and George Petty
October 42 pinup painter Alberto Vargas takes her waist when drawing the perfect MGM glamour girl. The other features are Inez Cooper’s hands, Mary Jane French’s hair, Thea Coffman’s feet, Ruth Ownbey’s hips, Aileen Haley’s bust, Hazel Brooks’ legs, Kay Williams’ arms, Kay Aldridge’s profile, Natalie Draper’s lips, Marilyn Maxwell’s ankles, and Georgia Carroll’s eyes.
26 January 45 is on the cover of Yank, the Army Weekly
? marries Hollywood composer and lyricist Edward "Eddie" Cherkose, a.k.a. Eddie Maxwell
November 47 works as a hatcheck at Dave’s Blue Room in New York City. Her husband works as a disk jockey there.
c. 49 moves from MGM to Warner Brothers
23 May 49 her daughter Casey Maxwell is born in Los Angeles
22 August 50 her daughter Christine is born in Los Angeles
c. 52 retires from movies and becomes a self-employed real estate lending agent for twenty years
21 November 99 becomes the widow of Cherkose, who dies at age 87 in Los Angeles
13 February 02 as Eve Whitney, she dies at age 79 in Studio City, California, of natural causes. She is survived by a daughter, six grandchildren, and numerous great-grandchildren.
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