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(Shirley Mae Tanner)
22 May 34 is born in Los Angeles to Theodore Tanner. Her half-sister is Nancy Silva, nee Tanner.
22 June 52 marries Leonard John Bonanno
Late 55 is a San Clemente, California, housewife taking care of her two small children
November 55 participates in a TV cover girl contest in conjunction with Pageant magazine
is on the cover of Pageant
55 poses for glamour photographer Peter Gowland
February 56 debuts on TV in Jackie Cooper's "The People's Choice" show
September 57 will be on cover of Pageant again
March 58 columnist Mike Connolly tells that “Frank Sinatra, father of three, attended Edward G. Robinson's Middle of the Night opening at Hollywood's Hartford Theater with beautiful blonde model Shirley Bonne, mother of three..."
? is a New York model
12 April 59 marries Ronald Herbert Freemond. He is three years her senior.
February 60 is on hand to promote Chevrolet's new Corvair coupe in a western round-up meeting at Hal Roach Studios
? her agent takes her to Screen Gems after the studio has interviewed some 200 girls for the part of Eileen in TV's upcoming "My Sister Eileen"
30 June 60 tests for CBS' upcoming "My Sister Eileen"
5 July 60 wins the part of Eileen opposite Elaine Stritch in "My Sister Eileen"
March 61 the press reports that in the past five years her face has graced the covers of over 400 magazines
13 September 62 her daughter Jayne E. is born in Los Angeles
October 64 is reported joining the Joey Bishop bunch as Corbet Monica's Girl Sunday opposite "Bonanza"
September 65 Universal TV is reported shackling her for the clumsy female lead in "The Clumsies"
October 73 divorces Freemond in Los Angeles. He will remarry in 1980.
5 November 83 marries Ron Dean Gilbreath in San Francisco. He's 44; she's 49. Gilbreath is owner and operator of several McDonald’s.
July 85 divorces Gilbreath. Gilbreath will die on July 20, 2011, at age 72 in Palm Springs.
24 as Shirley Mae Gilbreath, she resides in Palm Springs, California
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