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(Paule Croset)
20 October 20 is born in Papeete, Tahiti, to Marc Croset, a Swiss-French traveling representative of a watch firm, and his English wife Lily
c. 24 her brother, Gaston, is born in France
? is educated in Shanghai, Switzerland, and Paris
36 she and her family are in Korea when the war breaks out
May 40 coming from Sydney, Australia, she and her family arrive aboard the SS Mariposa in San Francisco, California
? goes with her family to Los Angeles
? studies at the Guy Bates Post Academy and with Max Reinhardt
? appears with the Assistance League players
October 42 as Rita Corday, she is signed to a long-term contract with RKO
her father, representing Switzerland, is reported staying with her mother in wartime Shanghai
? leaves RKO and works in the Actors Lab
April 43 the press tells that her real name is Jeanne Paule Teipo-Jie-Marma Croset
Summer 43 she, Bonita Granville, Anne Shirley, Wally Brown, Ann Summers, and Kent Smith study Chinese. Their teacher is Edward Dmytryk, signed for Behind the Rising Sun, who took up the language as a hobby several years ago.
April 46 is pictured contributing her check at the opening of the nationwide cancer control campaign
c. 46 changes her name to Paule Croset
November 46 columnist Louella Parsons tells: "she is 21 years old, with a veritable league of nations background. She was born in Tahiti, educated in Shanghai, Switzerland and France, and fled here from Shanghai with her family in 1941."
May 47 columnist Jimmy Fidler thinks that if she, "Douglas Fairbanks' new discovery, has acting ability to match her beauty, she's a cinch for stardom..."
June 47 is reported feuding with Maria Montez on the set of The Exile
July 47 will marry Harold Nebenzal, son of the producer Seymour Nebenzal and a Marine Corps officer in the South Pacific during the war
25 September 47 marries Harold A. Nebenzal. He's 25; she's 26. The press gives her age as 22.
October 47 is named "Fur Cinderella" by the Associated Fur Coat & Trimming Manufacturers Inc., in New York. The press pictures her wearing a $1,400 custom-made Alaska Sealskin fur coat which will be given away as a prize in the contest.
December 47 she and Nebenzal enjoy a belated honeymoon in Coronado, California
her husband is reported taking a film test for an acting contract at Universal-International
March 48 reveals her secret marriage to Nebenzal
May 48 leaves the Fairbanks Company to free-lance
June 48 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., says he still holds her contract
? changes her name back to Paula Corday
October 52 columnist Edith Gwynn tells that "Paula Corday and Harold Nebenzal have celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary..."
20 December 57 her son, Daniel M., is born in Los Angeles
14 December 60 her daughter, Deborah, is born in Los Angeles
79 is still married to producer Harold Nebenzal
? resides in Sherman Oaks
23 November 92 as Rita Corday, she dies at age 72 at a hospital in Century City, Los Angeles, after surgery for complications from diabetes. The press notes that "she was believed to be in her 70s."
? is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California. She is in the Remembrance Columbarium, N-61185
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