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20 July 27 is born in London, England, to Graham Cutts, a film director and his wife, Robin Coles, an actress.
c. 29 debuts in films at the age of 2
c. 41 runs away from boarding school to join a repertory company at age 14
? studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Early 50s is in British films as Patricia Wayne
54 is a panelist on British TV in the London version of "Down You Go"
55 goes to New York as a panelist for ABC’s “Down You Go”
May 56 will have an acting role in CBS' "The Happy Breed" by Noel Coward
afterwards, TV critic John Crosby writes "she should be doing more acting and less guessing"
June 56 columnist Earl Wilson tells that Groucho Marx is enamored of her
? writer Garson Kanin and his wife, actress Ruth Gordon, discover her on stage in New York and cast her for the Broadway version of The Matchmaker
57 replaces Eileen Herlie in Thornton Wilder’s The Matchmaker and tours the country in the play
2 April 58 attends the premiere of Merry Andrew at the Pantages Theatre with actor Robert Evans
July 58 attends the Gigi premiere in San Francisco
8 November 58 is arrested at her home in Hollywood and jailed on suspicion of felony hit-run after she allegedly left the scene of a traffic accident in Los Angeles. The accident on Laurel Canyon Boulevard near Kirkwood Drive in Hollywood also involves an automobile driven by Mrs. Joseph Hallal, 44. Patricia is freed on a $500 bond pending a preliminary hearing on December 11.
Late November 58 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that her "new interest is Pepi Lenzi, who used to beau Zsa Zsa Gabor..."
16 December 58 is held for trial in Los Angeles on her felony hit-run driving charge following a preliminary hearing at the Hall of Justice. Municipal Judge Ben Koenig orders her to appear for arraignment in Superior Court on December 26.
18 January 59 her hit-run driving charge is dismissed in Los Angeles Superior Court. Judge Walter R. Evans granted the motion following arguments by Defense Attorney Jerome Smith. Smith argues that one witness testified seeing Patricia talk with Mrs. Hallal following the accident. Mrs. Hallal was shaken up in the accident and did not remember talking to her or even seeing her, Smith says. Deputy District Attorney Malcolm Harries says that technically under the law Miss Cutts should have given her name to the other driver.
20 April 59 she and Stanford University football coach Jack Curtice are special contestants on NBC's "You Bet Your Life"
May 60 is signed for a top role opposite Jack Lemmon in Face of a Hero, but Actors Equity goes on strike. "It's the end of a world for me," she sighs.
August 61 columnist Walter Winchell tells that the new Broadway musical Keane will have three beautiful and unattached leading ladies: her, Joan Weldon, and Lee Venora
c. early October 62 marries William Nichols, associate producer of the "The United States Steel Hour"
Mid-September 63 divorces Nichols and returns to Hollywood for a part in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"
11 September 74 commits suicide at age 47 in her Chelsea, London, apartment. She leaves behind a son, Nicholas Baker-Findlay, and grandchildren, Thalia Baker, Brandon Baker, and Eylse Baker.
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