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c. 38 is born in Paris, France
56 marries language expert George De Metz in Paris, France
December 60 tells the press: "I never ever wore one (a bikini) until I came to the United States. Most French girls really wear one-piece bathing suits."
23 January 61 is granted a divorce from De Metz in Los Angeles court. He's 34; she's 22. De Metz testifies he spent $15,000, his life's savings, to prepare his wife for a film career only to have her leave him when she finally landed a contract. Judge Burnett Wolfson awards all community property, including a TV set, to her husband and tells him to consider the marriage just "a bad dream."
? gets married again
January 66 her son is born
? is nominated for an Emmy for her part in a segment of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
February 68 she and fellow hopefuls Jane Zachary, Carolyn Devore, Angela Cartwright, Jill Banner and Inge Jaklin are interviewed by Don Strout for his Friday night special, "The Hollywood Starlets"
27 November 68 marries Alan Sher in Los Angeles. He's 29; she's 30.
December 69 tells columnist Dick Kleiner: "I am being wasted here in Hollywood. I would like to work more,” she says, "and do better things. But if not, I take care of my son, my dogs, my husband, and I go ice skating to work off my frustrations. I am frustrated in my career - but in nothing else."
January 71 divorces Sher in Los Angeles
4 January 72 marries Samuel Y. Kupper in Los Angeles. He's 32; she's 33.
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