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2 June 20 is born in Hollywood, California / Jersey City, New Jersey, the daughter of bit-part player James Donlan and his wife Therese, a singer
? attends ballet classes
30 lives in Los Angeles
? is discovered by Earl Carroll
Late 30s starts in films as an MGM chorus girl under the names of Yolande Mallott and Yolande Mollot
? marries actor Philip Truex, son of actor Ernest Truex. He is 8 years her senior.
46 is married to Truex
? her son Christopher is born
c. 47 is on the London stage as Billie Dawn in Born Yesterday
March 48 stars on the London stage in Clifford Odet's Rocket to the Moon
November 48 is the star of Cage Me a Peacock
April 50 columnist Walter Winchell writes that she "flew from London to finalize her melting. She is practically unknown over here but is a star over there..."
April 51 is expected to marry director Val Guest soon
12 November 53 threatens to return to the States for good when barred by Actors Equity, trade union of British actors and actresses, from playing the coveted name part in the annual production of Peter Pan. Equity ruled that the assignment should go to a British woman.
May 54 friends expect her to enter a convent
June 54 will marry Guest in Hollywood this summer. "Both of their divorces are now final and, like June Haver, Yolande's changed her mind about becoming a nun."
12 September 54 marries director Val Guest in London, England. He's 42; she's 24.
September 54 she and Guest honeymoon in Hamburg, Germany
55 during their holiday in Tangier, she talks her husband into directing The Quatermass Xperiment
82 she and Guest reside in London in a house originally owned by a mistress of George IV
76 publishes her bio, Shake the Stars Down
January 82 publishes her book, Third Time Lucky
11 May 06 becomes the widow of Guest, who dies at age 94 in Palm Springs, California
30 December 14 dies at age 94 in Greater London, England
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