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5 January 13 is born in Kansas City, Missouri, of Irish descent to Lawrence and Grace Farr, nee Rutledge
? resides in Ogden, Utah. Her great-great-grandfather was Ogden's first mayor, Lorin Farr.
? her father dies
? works as an usherette at a Los Angeles movie theater when signed by Paramount
November 34 columnist Robin Coons reports: "Pretty Patricia Farr found a 'comic strip face' no drawback but a help. When they wanted to film a serial based on a comic strip, a casting director thought of Pat, who resembles the strip's pretty heroine. Playing the part put her in line for a role that may take her out of the 'just a stock girl' ranks."
August 35 a Hollywood column knows that "Henry Fonda, lunching with Spanish Bianca Visheer, got a note from blonde Patricia Farr, in the same dining room..."
February 37 signs a contract with Columbia and plans a vacation trip to Tahiti after she finishes her current picture, Racing Luck
April 37 she and fellow starlet Rita Hayworth are pictured promoting the opening of the California swimming season with a cigarette-smoking penguin at Hermosa Beach, California
? marries Walton Robert Mayo, casting director of Columbia Pictures
June 37 she and her husband are reported vacationing for a few days at Fay Warner's Miner Lake cottage in Waupaca Wisconsin
January 38 the press calls her a "Kansas City girl"
23 February 48 as Patricia Farr, she dies at age 35 in Los Angeles of pancreatic cancer. Mayo will die at age 53 in 1958 at his Hollywood Hills home.
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