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Anna Maria Alberghetti
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15 May 36 is born in Pesaro, Northern Italy. Her father is a professional cellist; her mother is an accompanist.
48 makes her debut locally in Italy and subsequently tours Italy, Scandinavia, and Spain
50 makes her New York concert debut at Carnegie Hall
? gets a new hairdo and hair color, blonde, for a TV role
May 54 is with close friend actress Pier Angeli when Pier gets the bad news of Kirk Douglas’ marriage to Anne Buydens
June 54 singer Eddie Fisher takes her and Pier Angeli to dinner at LaRue
17 June 54 is the date of singer Vic Damone at Eddie Fisher’s opening at the Coconut Grove
July 54 Vic makes lasagna for her
April 55 attends Sammy Davis, Jr.’s opening at Ciro’s with actor Ben Cooper
April 55 dates Bob Wagner for publicity purposes
September 55 is seen with Dick Contino at the Coconut Grove
December 55 takes over a new Italian café, Abruzzi
December 56 Count Alberto Mochiand, a 30-year-old, handsome Italian doctor, is so in love with her that he buys her a beautiful pearl and diamond engagement ring, which she immediately shows to Louella Parsons upon her return from Italy
26 February 58 is a dream in scarlet when attending the Golden Globes ceremonies at the Coconut Grove
October 58 won’t admit it, but she’s wearing a huge diamond on the right hand that came from producer-composer Buddy Bregman
September 59 cancels her plans to marry Buddy Bregman and will be bridesmaid to Margaret O’Brien and Robert Allen
December 59 she and Vic Damone congratulate Jimmy McHugh on his new record album
60 is still single
October 60 enjoys the WAIF Ball with Claudio Guzman
61 wins the Tony Award for Carnival
October 62 stars at the Las Vegas Desert Inn in a brand new act, in which she does a striptease
her sister, Carla Alberghetti, star of Hollywood’s Moulin Rouge production of West Side Story, becomes engaged to attorney Paul Polena
12 September 64 marries director Claudio Guzman in Los Angeles
65 her son Alexander is born
11 October 66 her daughter Pilar is born
17 March 70 her daughter Danielle is born
72 divorces Guzman
Pier Angeli by Jane Allen,, Photoplay, Motion Picture, Screenland
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