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25 May 25 is born in Barstow, California, of Irish descent, to George A. and Loretta Crain, nee Carr
? her family moves to Los Angeles
17 January 27 her sister, Rita Marie, is born in Los Angeles
41 is crowned "Inglewood High Grid Queen of 1941"
is elected "Miss Long Beach" at age 16
Orson Welles spots her while she is touring RKO studios and screen-tests her for his The Magnificent Ambersons
? starts a modeling career
? is discovered by a talent scout while sitting in the audience at the Max Reinhardt Playhouse. After an interview with Max Reinhardt, she’s considered for the title part in The Song of Bernadette.
42 is elected "Camera Girl of 1942"
? is almost elected "Miss America"
43 falls in love with handsome young actor and graduate engineer Paul Brinkman, known professionally as Paul Brooks
February 43 gets a standard studio contract at 20th Century-Fox
August 43 she and Jo-Carroll Dennison, "Miss America of 1942," will decorate Busby Berkeley's forthcoming picture
30 June 44 is on the cover of Yank, the Army Weekly
December 44 is reported romantic with Colonel Clifford Henderson
January 45 columnist Louella Parsons reports that Jeanne "is surprising even the bosses with her fan letters and the way service boys whistle through the mail at her"
? has a studio-manufactured romance with fellow newcomer, Lon McCallister
August 45 is on the cover of Yank, the Army Weekly
is reported back with "her Paul Brooks. She broke up the romance after Paul insisted on 'marriage or nothing.' Paul knows better now and is letting Jeanne do the insisting..."
Early September 45 Parsons reports that "you could have cut the air with an ice pick when Paul Brooks walked into Somerset House with Jane Greer on his arm and spotted Jeanne Crain with Henry King, Jr. Paul started to walk out, but Jane thought better of it."
Late September 45 Parsons writes "the gossip writers who have paired off pretty Jeanne Crain with Paul Brooks (or should we call him by his real name, Paul Brinkman?) have almost broken up a beautiful friendship."
Mid-December 45 Lon McCallister, back in town on leave, pays his first social visit to her

Late December 45 she and Brinkman, "a Los Angeles radio manufacturer," apply for a marriage license in Los Angeles
29 December 45 her marriage plans have to be postponed pending a dispensation by the Catholic chancellery
31 December 45 elopes and marries business executive Paul Frederick Brinkman at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Beverly Hills, California. He's 27; she's 20. He has been a Warner and Columbia contract player known as Paul Brooks and will become a top executive of a missile parts manufacturing company and, later, of a helicopter concern. The press reports Jeanne "had been missing from home since obtaining a marriage license last Friday." Her mother’s against this marriage, and the two are estranged for some time thereafter.
? she and Brinkman settle at a home in the Hollywood Hills given to them by Huntington Hartford
May 46 she and Brinkman spend a delayed honeymoon at the Last Frontier hotel in Las Vegas
30 September 46 is on the cover of Life magazine
February 47 expects the stork on March 17, so Betty Grable and Harry James send over the cradle originally purchased for their own little girl
6 April 47 her first son, Paul Frederick, is born at the Queen of Angels Hospital in Hollywood. She and Brinkman are reported having no name ready immediately for their son.
? has a pet lioness named Shah-Shah
Summer 47 at the insistence of irate neighbors, she gives her lioness to the Los Angeles Municipal Zoo
June 47 confesses to Louella Parsons about giving away her pet lioness: "It broke my heart, but Paul and I didn't feel it was safe with the baby. However, the lion never showed any mean traits."
September 47 she and Brinkman are reported visiting their pet lioness at the Griffith Park Zoo
March 48 is named "National Buddy Poppy Girl" by the Veterans of Foreign Wars
July 48 she and Brinkman are reported shopping for a bear cub as a toy for their home
October 48 will play the daughter in the upcoming The Glass Menagerie
November 48 announces that she wants 5 children
21 January 49 her second son, Michael Anthony, is born in Los Angeles
March 49 will have her newborn son, Michael, and a nurse with her when filming Pinky. "She thinks her baby requires a mother's close supervision."
June 49 the press reports that Brinkman "ditched acting for furniture manufacturing..."
July 49 spends her weekends at Laguna
she and Bill Lundigan will be teamed together in The Irresistible Liar
October 49 waltzes dreamily in Paul Brinkman’s arms at the premiere party of You’re My Everything
? is considered for the female lead in Quo Vadis
January 50 columnist Sheila Graham reports that Jeanne is scheduled to play the eager-beaver young actress in the upcoming All About Eve
March 50 is named the best actress of the year by the National Gaelic Athletic Association, a Roman Catholic group, for “her portrayal of a Negress in Pinky
April 50 after four years of an exceptionally happy marriage, “the Brinkmans smile at life and claim they’ve just been lucky”
May 50 Photoplay magazine reports that “Paul Brinkman is on a pink cloud with Jeanne”
doctors warn her to expect the stork in July rather than in August
2 August 50 her third son, Timothy Peter, is born in Los Angeles
September 50 plans to lose 14 pounds before making Take Care of My Little Girl. "I'm shedding 10 for my new TV show. What a struggle to avoid food!"
November 51 announces to expect her fourth child next June. The Brinkmans hope this one will be a girl.
December 51 Brinkman builds her a painting studio with his own hands while she’s filming Belles on Their Toes
is seen with Brinkman at a gay party at Romanoff’s
is reported emerging into sophisticated roles
attends the 1952 Ice Follies with Howard Lee of Texas
2 March 52 her fourth child and first daughter, Jeanine Cherie, is born in Los Angeles
March 52? Darryl F. Zanuck considers her for With a Song in My Heart, but the role eventually goes to Susan Hayward
April 52 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that she "will exercise those extra pounds off at Terry Hunt's..."
is announced to star in Something for the Birds, but her doctor tells her she should not go back to work until her new baby is three months old.
May 52 after filming Something for the Birds at 20th Century-Fox, she will ask for a two-month vacation. "I made five pictures last year," she groans. "And I've got an idea my new schedule is going to be just as hot and heavy. But I want some time with my family."
celebrates her 26th birthday with Brinkman at a dinner dance "at one of Hollywood's better known nightclubs"
October 52 is reported attending Modern Screen's party for its poll winners "in an outfit so weird you won't believe it"
53 fights for the female lead in The Robe, but Jean Simmons gets the part
is to star in Three Coins in the Fountain, but her husband refuses to let her go on location to Europe, so Jean Peters gets the part
January 53 columnist Walter Winchell quotes her saying "Hollywood's greatest sin is being dull..."
a film periodical deadpans that she wanted to bring a 2-year-old elephant home as a pet for the children
March 53 she and Brinkman are pictured on holiday at a Las Vegas resort, ready for a dip
April 53 columnist Harrison Carroll reports her and Jean Peters pouting when talking to him on the Vicki set. "They got all gussied up for the Academy doings to accept the gold statues for Susan Hayward and Marlon Brando had the voting gone that way. ’And not a single TV camera caught us during the entire evening,' they ailed."
May 53 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that her long feud with fellow 20th Century-Fox actress June Haver ended with June's retirement to become a Sister of Charity. "The former dancing star now writes to Jeanne regularly from a Kansas convent."
she and Brinkman attend a big dinner party thrown by Brazilian millionaire Jorge Guinle and his wife. Afterwards the Guinles take the whole crowd to the Mocambo. Among the guests are Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse, Loretta Young and Tom Lewis, Greer Garson, the Ricardo Montalbans, and the Jeffrey Hunters.
June 53 wears rhinestone earrings as big as chandeliers at the opening of Call Me Madam
27 June 53 is among the 600 guests filling St. Charles Borromeo Church in North Hollywood for Ann Blyth's wedding to Dr. James McNulty. Others attending are Joan Crawford, Jeff Chandler, Jerry Colonna, Edmund Gwenn, Irene Dunne, Terry Moore and Dick Clayton, Piper Laurie and Leonard Goldstein.
13 August 53 she and Brinkman leave New York for Africa aboard the French liner Liberte to make a movie and hunt animals for the Los Angeles Zoo
26 October 53 is introduced to Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Command Performance of Rob Roy at London's Leicester Square. Fellow screen stars meeting British Royalty are Jeff Chandler, Gloria Grahame, and Gary Cooper.
? Brinkman accompanies her to Mukumba River for filming of Duel in the Jungle. A freak drowning accident claims the lives of several crew members
November 53 she and Brinkman are reported "still shivery about the river accident in which an assistant director, Tony Kelly, was drowned while making Duel in the Jungle in Africa. Brinkman had asked to be allowed to ride with Kelly in the dugout that overturned, but was ruled down by director George Marshall."
December 53 her mother is taking care of the Brinkman kiddies while her beauty and Paul are in Europe. Mother has never completely forgiven her for marrying Paul.
leaves Fox and dyes her hair red in hopes of getting new, sexy roles. Portraits of Terry Moore and Jean Peters replace those of her and Betty Grable in the Fox commissary.
hires flamboyant ballyhoo boy Russell Birdwell. Now she goes to the same hotspots as new starlets.
February 54 columnist Erskine Johnson reports: "To match an exterior scene shot in Africa for Duel in the Jungle, 16 Indian elephants were marched onto a movie set in London. After the elephants were fitted with large false ears and phony tusks so they would look exactly like their wild African cousins. Jeanne Crain would be crouched behind a rock on one side of the stage and the elephants were to charge toward the rock. The whistle blew for a rehearsal. But the elephants, all circus-trained, didn't bother to charge..."
March 54 is reported adding three new rooms to her house to accommodate the kids - one a combination wine cellar-playroom"
the Catholic Film and Radio Guild chooses her and Stephen McNally to receive its annual St. Patrick's Day awards for distinguished performances
April 54 sings in the barbershop quintet at Fred Marin’s Gay Nineties party in honor of John Wayne
26 April 54 signs a five-year contract with Universal-International
May 54 is seen at El Morocco dancing with Sherman Fairchild
June 54 columnist Winchell quotes her, "I want to be sexy"
July 54 her leopard skin bathing suit in Duel in the Jungle gives censors a repeat of The French Line jitters. "It may be snipped from the footage."
September 54 is chosen "Miss National Home Week" by the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, D.C. She will preside over the nationwide celebrations, September 19-26.
29 September 54 is on hand to inaugurate Paris' new International Telephone Directory on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. With her pose for the camera singer Georges Guetary, actress Tilda Thamar, artist Foujita, and fashion designer Christian Dior.
October 54 she and Brinkman part in Paris, where she's co-starring with Jane Russell in Gentlemen Marry Brunettes. "But Brinkman rushes back to her side after he attends to business matters in Hollywood."
55 is considered for a leading part in Warner Brothers' Helen of Troy
Late February 55 attends Sonja Henie’s circus party at Ciro’s as a startlingly got-up notch Balinese dancer, remaining at Paul Brinkman’s side
March 55 the press thinks she's Hollywood's number one party girl. "I get invited to at least 200 parties a year," she says. "I can't go to all of them, of course, so I try to make the ones that sound like the most fun."
June 55 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that she "all but delivered for the role of George Gobel's leading lady in the remake of The Lady Eve"
August 55 aboard Varig's Super Constellation, she and Brinkman are off to a publicity tour of the Dominican Republic. They are the guests of Flor d'Oro Trujillo, the dictator's daughter, who hosts the reception at the Hotel Jaragua in Cuidad Trujillo.
27 August 55 is among 15 Hollywood actresses honored with the Venus Awards by famed model agency head John Robert Powers in Los Angeles. Posing for the camera are Mari Blanchard; Yvonne de Carlo; Jeanne Crain; Linda Tallen, head of the John Robert Powers Los Angeles studios and hostess for the evening; Rosemarie Bowe; and Mala Powers.
October 55 she and Brinkman attend the opening of the new show at the Moulin Rouge. Other show people in attendance are Milton Berle, Bob Hope, Mitzi Gaynor and Jack Bean, Betty Grable, Jimmy Durante, Danny Thomas, and Dick Contino.
November 55 poses in a red jersey lounger to promote her forthcoming The Second Greatest Sex. "The new Jeanne Crain has turned so torchy Hollywood is calling her its sexiest redhead."
December 55 attends Herman Hover’s cocktail party for Sammy Davis at Ciro’s with Paul Brinkman
20 December 55 walks out on her husband after threatening to cast an Irish spell on him. He will later claim she told him she’s now madly in love with their neighbor, Homer H. Rhoads.
New Year's Eve 55 she and Brinkman celebrate 10 years of marriage. His gift is an emerald ring set in diamonds. "Paul found the stone in Rio a year ago and the setting was made there."
January 56 is pictured in a sexy Cell Chapman evening gown in ivory satin with pegtop bubble skirt, tapped off with a white fox stole
Spring 56 a scandal magazine has a big article on Brinkman claiming he has been chasing around with several women on the sly and accusing him of an affair with another girl
March 56 tells columnist Louella Parsons that she will go to Europe the last week in April to star in Checkpoint for producer Betty Box. "I was so carried away by the story and the chance to go to the Italian Alps where I've never been."
is pictured enjoying a gin rummy session with her husband at a hotel in Palm Springs. "The shapely Jeanne, who's the mother of four youngsters, seems about ready to win this game.”
28 March 56 when trying to talk her into coming back, she and Paul get physical in the car. He will claim to have suffered inner bleedings.
29 March 56 files suit for divorce from Brinkman in Hollywood charging extremely cruelty and violence and asks for custody of their four children, Paul, Jr., 9, Michael, 7; Timothy, 5; and Jeanine, 4.
April 56 frequently attends the Catholic Church
doesn’t allow the sudden grief and upset over her impending divorce to interfere with her career. “Internationally famous still photographer Peter Basch, visiting here briefly to shoot movie town’s beauties, has a date for a sitting with the red-haired actress, which she plans to keep. It couldn’t be determined just where the pictures will be shot. However, it’s unlikely that it will be the actress’ new Beverly Hills home, where she and Brinkman were moving into at the time of their break-up. An extensive redecorating job was to be done on the house before they were to move in. The couple had planned a vacation in Hawaii while the decorators completed the job. According to friends, the actress still will move into the new home, but different arrangements are being made for the planned redecorating.”
April 56 her sister, Rita Crain, is reported dropped by attorney Chuck McCarthy, who "is now taking Rosanna Rory's mind off visas"
is scheduled for two films in Europe
Early May 56 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports that Jeanne "turned a deaf ear to all pleas that she give Paul Brinkman and their marriage a second chance. They describe her as 'quietly heartbroken, gallant and adamant'..."
16 May 56 shocks Hollywood with an amended divorce complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court charging that Brinkman beat her into unconsciousness, abused her and had affairs with other women. She claims when she locked him out of her bedroom, he knocked the door down and beat her head against the bed until she submitted to him. She also states he lives off her earnings.
17 May 56 Brinkman says he is "deeply shocked" at her "wild-irresponsible and untrue" accusations admitting he and Jeanne had "certain disputes concerning her mother." He charges his mother-in-law was being "hostile" to him and was "trying to break up the marriage."
May 56 accuses her husband of having beaten her brutally, of having broken through the door and of having refused to pay her old mother her monthly rent
End May 56 will star opposite Stewart Granger in The Whole Truth, to be made in England
June 56 Modern Screen sends an open letter to her "Jeanne, Dear, won’t you change your mind?“
shocks Louella Parsons by announcing divorce plans and telling her she and Brinkman had pretended too long
Brinkman is noted doing "the midnight sector with Chic James, the Latin Quarter dazzler..."
14 June 56 Brinkman’s lawyer files a cross complaint divorce action accusing her of having an affair with their Beverly Hills neighbor, Homer Hoch Rhoads, president of Burbank's Hydro Aire Company, which is said to have started in December 1955. Brinkman's suit declares her to be an "unfit and improper person" and he therefore seeks custody of their four children. She's 31; Brinkman is 38; Rhoads is 45.
15 June 56 she replies that Brinkman "has already broken my heart. Now he is trying to break my spirit."
? Rhoads declares Brinkman’s accusations as “pure smear,” and his kids and wife just good long-time friends of the Brinkman household
? hires Hollywood attorneys Greg Bautzer and Gerald Lipsky to represent her in the divorce case
28 June 56 in Los Angeles Superior Court, she claims she kissed Rhoads "just once" - on his birthday, when his wife Hilda and her husband were present - and was alone with him just twice in a North Hollywood apartment. But she says she "certainly did not" ever engage in misconduct with the neighbor, as alleged by her husband claiming they just met to talk and to help Rhoads through a "drinking spell." She confirms she kept news of both visits from her husband until "several weeks later he accused me of being there for the wrong purpose."
July 56 after finishing as Bob Hope's girl in Beau James, she will do Poppaea for Allied Artists, probably with Edmond O'Brien as Nero
August 56 continues her film career despite the rift with Brinkman and buys a new home
columnist Earl Wilson knows that her "hottest interest is wealthy Jorge Guinle..."
6 August 56 is granted an interlocutory divorce decree from Brinkman in Los Angeles on testimony he "humiliated" her. She tells Superior Judge Kenneth Chantry that Brinkman frequently insulted her mother and had publicly humiliated her in a Beverly Hills restaurant. She retains custody of their children; he will pay $300 a month toward their support.
September 56 is escorted to the Jules Stein party by Orin Lehman, son of the New York banking family. "He was on crutches but still managed to be very attentive to Jeanne." Lehman's 36; she's 31.
October 56 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports from New York City: "While Jeanne Crain is making the local plush spots with Orin Lehman, her ex-husband, Paul Brinkman, is romancing sultry starlet Laurette Luez in Hollywood..."
the press knows "Zillionaire Jorge Guinle would like Jeanne Crain to 'vacation' in Brazil for a long, long time..."
Late October 56 Orin Lehman sees her off when she leaves New York City for the West Coast
? enters St. John's Hospital in Los Angeles suffering from complete nervous exhaustion
November 56 in New York City, 40-year-old Jorge Guinle "denies those Jeanne Crain rumors..."
December 56 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows Guinle is "spending an impressive sum wooing Jeanne Crain over the long distance wires..."
25 December 56 following a gay Christmas party at Rhoads' Hollywood Hills apartment, Brinkman assaults Rhoads and a guest of Rhoads, 38-year-old Ted Ryan, in front of Rhoads' apartment house. Rhoads suffers a cut forehead, sore wrist and elbow and knee bruises. Ryan suffers a puncture wound on the cheek below the right eye. Officers say Ryan told them Brinkman struck him with a shiny object. Afterwards, Rhoads says he plans to marry Jeanne. "I'm in love with her and she's in love with me."
27 December 56 a misdemeanor assault and battery complaint is issued against Brinkman wanting him on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. In the meantime, Jeanne says she won't marry Rhoads: "Mr. Rhoads is a gentleman I met through my husband during our marriage. I have no romantic interests in Mr. Rhoads or in anyone else."
30 December 56 she and Brinkman reconcile on the eve of their eleventh anniversary "considering their children and their Catholic religion"
31 December 56 she and Brinkman disclose their reconciliation during a lavish $125,000 New Year's Eve party at Romanoff's given by Texas oilman David Feldman. Brinkman tells a reporter: "No one is happier than Jeanne and I and our four children over tonight."
January 57 columnist Harrison Carroll reports running into her and her children eating hot dogs at the Tail O’ the Pup. With The Joker is Wild finished, she says: “I feel like a kid out of school myself,” and tells that she’ll make her January Caribbean cruise either alone or with a girlfriend.
February 57 columnist Walter Winchell reports about the California Senate’s probe of private detectives telling that one of the people expected to star as a witness for the State will be "a young woman, formerly married to a well known television personality. She allegedly has confessed being responsible for the article that led to the break-up of Jeanne Crain and husband Paul Brinkman, since reconciled. She told the probers that Mr. Brinkman, with whom she was infatuated, rejected her. She peddled her story for a mere $200. Her maiden name initials are C.K."
March 57 columnist Harrison Carroll writes: "Since Paul Brinkman bought a coast lumber company and acquired a 52-foot yawl in the deal, he and Jeanne Crain have become two of the most ardent sailing enthusiasts. Paul tells me he and Jeanne plan to enter their yacht, the Pavone, in the annual race to Ensenada."
May 57 she and Brinkman have one inviolate rule. "They've agreed over never ever to discuss the reasons why they separated and almost went through with a divorce."
5 June 57 she and Brinkman announce the expected birth of their fifth child in November
June 57 for a reconciled couple she and Paul Brinkman don’t act like one - not in public anyway
24 June 57 makes headlines when she and her family are trapped on their 51-foot yacht Pavone, which runs aground off Newport, California, after developing engine trouble on a "second honeymoon voyage.“ The Coast Guard rescues them just in time.
2 September 57 she and Brinkman are sued by advertising man Timothy E. Ryan in Los Angeles for $95,000 in damages. Ryan claims he was beaten by Brinkman last Christmas outside the apartment of aircraft parts maker Homer H. Rhoads.
October 57 is awaiting her fifth child in November. She’s sailing a lot with Brinkman down in Newport.
21 November 57 her fifth child and second daughter, Lisabette, "Betsy", is born at Queen of Angels Hospital in Los Angeles
March 58 is sued by Universal-International for the return of $6,633 in alleged salary overpayments
April 58 counter sues Universal-International for $30,288 she alleges is due her in weekly salary unpaid since August 1957
November 58 turns out more ravishing than ever at a big movie premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater with hubby Paul Brinkman
February 59 the Brinkmans are guests of Conrad Hilton at his posh Nile Hilton opening in Cairo, Egypt. Others in the party are the Bob Considines, Inez Robb, the Earl Warrens, the Earl Wilsons, Hedda Hopper, Bill Cunningham, Martha Hyer, Bob Cummings, Hugh O'Brian, Ann Miller, Bob Moss, Merle Oberon, Leo Carrillo, Linda Cristal, Jane Russell, the Lauritz Melchiors, Joan Winchell, Cobina Wright, the Van Johnsons, and the Robert Sterlings.
April 59 returns to the small screen with “Meet Me in St. Louis,” a two-hour TV spectacular
8 July 59 the first American casualties of what is to become the Vietnam War die when they sit down in a small mess hall 20 miles north of Saigon to watch her in The Tattered Dress. When the lights dim, peasant guerrillas creep to the windows and open fire killing 2 solders on the spot.
October 59 the Brinkmans announce to expect their sixth child in January
10 January 60 her sixth child and third daughter, Maria, "Mia," is born in Los Angeles
October 60 is reported fighting for the Republican cause like Walt Disney, Jimmy Stewart, Randolph Scott, Jerry Lewis, Ward Bond, George Murphy, Clifton Webb, Troy Donahue, Donna Reed, Walter Pidgeon, and Wendell Corey
December 60 is heralded to make two films in Italy, The Siege of Troy and Pyrrus
? is off to Europe to film The Trojan War with Victor Mature and Il Brigante with Rossano Brazzi. Both projects are eventually canceled.
61 films an unsold pilot for "The Jeanne Crain Show"
May 62 she and Brinkman are spotted at the Voisin with the Rudy Valees
September 62 is on TV in "His Model Wife," a segment of CBS' "Comedy Spot"
November 62 she and fellow actor Victor Jory are reported to have been "Nixon's Hollywood aides"
63 is in summer stock with The Philadelphia Story
64 is considered for the part of the mother in a teleseries of Meet Me in St. Louis
February 65 frequently attends St. Victor’s Catholic Church
25 May 65 her seventh child and fourth son, Christopher, is born on her 40th birthday at St.John's Hospital in Los Angeles
June 66 will have her own TV series, "Men Against Evil," opposite Howard Duff to be filmed at 20th Century-Fox
January 68 promotes the Golden Door health and beauty spa in Escondido, California
October 68 the Brinkmans are seen dining out at the Matador
December 68 is spotted at the Beverly Wilshire, "looking all of 23"
January 69 the Brinkmans attend some of the six Washington, D.C., balls celebrating Nixon's inauguration
November 69 when Diahn Williams buys the old Harlow mansion from Elke Sommer and Joe Hyams, she asks her friends Jeanne Crain and Paul Brinkman for advice. They tell her it’s a famous haunted house. She buys it anyhow.
December 69 is said to belong to a small group who protects Mrs. Howard Hughes, the former Jean Peters, from outsiders
70 attends Zsa Zsa Gabor’s re-opening at the Flamingo, Las Vegas. Other ringsiders are Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Margaret O’Brien, and Arlene Dahl.
Early 70s her sister, Rita Crain, dies in a house fire. Rita was very wealthy and almost as beautiful as Jeanne.
Mid-70s stars in Janus for three weeks at the Pheasant Run Playhouse in St. Charles, Illinois
lives in Westwood or at Laguna Beach, California
December 71 attends the 31st Annual Awards Luncheon of the Hollywood's Women Press Club, held in Los Angeles
75 is announced to make a personal appearance for a special showing of clips from her Margie film at a local theater
78 the Brinkmans separate, and he settles on a newly purchased ranch in Gaviota, outside Santa Barbara. They remain married in name only due to their Catholic faith.
85 her paintings - mostly portraits - have been exhibited in recent years at the Mascagni d’Italy and Westwood Art Association galleries
92 her son Michael dies at age 43 from alcohol abuse at an Orange, California, hotel room
94 Brinkman moves her to a house he owns in Santa Barbara; he remains at his ranch. The Brinkmans have an amicable relationship and are always concerned about their kids. He visits Jeanne approximately once a month and on her birthday.
21 November 96 Homer H. Rhoads dies at age 86 in Los Angeles
26 March 97 her son Christopher dies at age 31 from an overdose of heroin at a Hollywood motel room
03 resides in Santa Barbara, California. She is in poor health and a total invalid, but she is very alert and is surrounded by her children.
1 October 03 her husband Brinkman dies at age 85 at his ranch in Gaviota, California
14 December 03 as Jeanne Crain Brinkman, she dies at age 78 of a heart attack at her Santa Barbara, California, home early Sunday morning. She is survived by her sons, Paul, Jr., and Timothy Brinkman, and three daughters, Jeanine Brinkman, Lisa Binstock, and Maria Brinkman.
? is interred at Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, California, in the central section, block "N" near marker #154
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