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(Betty Jane Howarth)
5 May 25 is born in Pecatonica, Illinois
? studies to be a dress designer and a commercial artist
December 48 tagged an MGM actress, she helps to snip tape to formally open the expanded Owl Rexall Super Drug Store at 6351 Van Nuys Boulevard
May 49 is among a party of 20 chorus girls leaving from Hollywood, California, for a five week tour of air force bases overseas. Pictured with her are Claudette Thornton, Wanda Smith, Rosalie Calvert, and Anne Ross.
September 49 is a resident of North Hollywood
13 September 49 poses for members of the Sherman Oaks Camera Club in the home of Harold Rood, 12109 Landale Street, Studio City. A social hour closes the meeting.
? is discovered by Universal-International when Red Skelton comes into the photography shop where she works to buy some film / is a secretary until Red Skelton mentions her name to a studio talent scout
February 52 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: "Andy Parenchio, Jr., who went with Anne Jeffreys for so long, was at Ciro's with Betty Jane Haworth..."
February 54 is Lily Chrysanthemum on NBC's "The Pinky Lee Show," designed to entertain children and adults alike
February 55 she and fellow starlets Myrna Hansen, Leigh Snowden, and Lili Kardell are pictured with Francis, the talking mule, doing road work in Hollywood
April 55 poses with Janice Vaughn, 21, judged "The Most Beautiful WAVE in the Eleventh Naval District." Janice turned down a Hollywood movie acting contract following her debut in Francis in the Navy.
November 55 she and fellow starlets Mara Corday, Gia Scala, Dani Crayne are pictured in mailbags, posing with Walter Townsend, postmaster of Universal City, who is headed for the postmaster’s convention
February 56 columnist Louella Parsons reports: "Ben Cooper and U-I's pretty redhead, Jane Howard, are building up a serious romance..."
she and fellow starlet Karen Sharpe congratulate Jacques Jimenez, Jr., a San Jose Bellarmine school senior, on winning second place in a state-wide contest "Safer Driving through Better Vision"
5 April 56 cuts the ribbon at the opening ceremonies for the new Hughes Market at Devonshire and Balboa
June 56 she and Sherry Jackson take part in the Paxton Parade of Public Personalities at the opening of the Pacoima Babe Ruth League
is a new twosome with actor Ben Cooper. "Ben’s sister, Bunny, screens all of his dates and she has her approval."
she and fellow starlet Kipp Hamilton are named vice chairwomen of the Committee for Highway Safety
August 56 she, Leigh Snowden, Cynthia Patrick, Dani Crayne, Gia Scala, and Karen Kadler give a royal cheesecake welcome to Gilbert Connor, Umatilla Indian and direct descent of Chief Joseph. He arrived at Universal-International to appear in the upcoming Pillars of the Sky.
October 56 columnist Louella Parsons asks: "Whatever happened to Marete Reinhardt, Fess Parker's girlfriend? He was at Jack's at the Beach with Jane Howard and it was his second date with Miss Howard..."
November 56 she and Manny Frank are "the newest newsome in town"
February 57 Parsons reports her recovering at Midway Hospital following surgery
March 58 is seen at the Oyster House with Sy Devore
March 61 columnist Lee Mortimer tells that "John Vivyan switched his affections from Patricia Huston to Jane Howard, a former U-I contractee..."
? becomes a singer and owner of the W-E-B supper club at 12915 Ventura Boulevard, at Coldwater Canyon
November 61 performs with singer-actor Byron Palmer at her W-E-B
seeks an annulment of her marriage to William Valis. Her attorney, Tom Call, charges that she and Bill didn't fulfill the residence laws of Mexico when they wed.
December 61 holds a press party at the W-E-B to introduce the Twist to columnists and reporters, inaugurating a new policy to make Monday nights "Twist Night" at her nightspot. Teaching the new "spine-bending" dance is starlet June Wilkinson, currently to be seen in The Continental Twist.
25 February 05 dies in Allison Park, Pennsylvania
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