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(Jean Deifel)
13 September 20 is born in Montgomery, Illinois, one of four children, two boys and two girls
? goes to live with her grandmother when her mother divorces her father
? at her own will she attends Catholic school and wants to become a nun
? graduates from high school and goes into the nunnery from Milwaukee to St. Francis
38 is crowned “Miss Chicago”
? her grandmother pulls her out of the nunnery
? is awarded “Miss Highland” and other beauty titles
39 becomes a member of the Earl Carroll Follies
? is host of a daily Chicago radio show, "Breakfast Time With Carole Mathews," on WGN
? starts modeling
39 changes her name to Jeanne Francis when an extra in Rose of Washington Square
August 42 tests for Sam Goldwyn but marries radio writer John Arthur Stockton the same night in Tijuana, Mexico. Stockton is from a very well-to-do family in Chicago. Goldwyn drops her contract immediately.
43 Columbia’s Max Arno puts her under contract. She dislikes Columbia boss Harry Cohn, and the feeling is mutual.
? she and Stockton separate
? lives at the Studio Club
44 loses her part in To Have and Have Not to Bogart's new love, Lauren Bacall
Late January 44 has her marriage to Stockton annulled in Los Angeles. "There is ample opportunity for people to wed in Los Angeles without rushing off to Mexico, Las Vegas, Reno or Yuma for stung marriages," says Judge Henry M. Willis. She will never remarry.
July 51 is on Broadway in A Streetcar Named Desire
December 52 columnist Erskine Johnson tells that she "is trying to decide whether to go with her career or marry a Chicago doctor..."
March 53 she and Dan Daily have reservations for Ann Anderson's opening at the Bar of Music
November 53 is the escort of Richard Gully at a party flung by John Carroll and Lucille Ryman at their farm in Chatsworth
November 54 is a Ciro's foursome with Kent Smith, Jerry Davis and Marilyn Maxwell
50s co-owns Michael’s Pub in New York
May 57 columnist Walter Winchell thinks that Don Durant is "caroling Carole Mathews..."
is in a big party at the Mocambo with attorney Ludwig Gerber and Hedy Lamarr, "who talked mainly to wealthy Texan James Radford..."
November 58 her fiancé, salvage master and diver Dick Meyers, hits the news in a Hollywood interview telling about his plan to raise the sunken Italian liner Andrea Doria in 1960
71 founds Mathew Travel Center, a Sherman Oaks, California, travel agency
October 72 celebrates the anniversary of her Sherman Oaks travel center with a celebrity party at her Encino home
August 74 is spotted dining with Lee Graham at Patito's Mexican Restaurant in Sepulveda
March 77 maintains Hidden Valley Ranch in Reseda, where she raises pigmy goats, Muscovy ducks, chickens, and rabbits and breeds worms for casting. Her M&M Industries produces audio-visual travelogues and television dramas.
March 82 is a top champion winner of miniature horses
86 sells her agency
January 03 attends the Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show in North Hollywood
6 November 14 dies at age 94 in Murietta, California
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