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1 August 18 is born in South Pasadena, California, to Everett Dale and Pauline S. Walker, the younger of two girls
37 is a singer and champion swimmer at Pasadena Junior College
15 December 37 out of 1,500 beautiful schoolgirls, she is elected queen of
the forthcoming Tournament of Roses Playland Fantasies parade held on New Year's Day
1 January 38 is queen for a day, reigning over the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena
2 January 38 signs a movie contract at Lang's studio / with Paramount
Early January 38 is reported sporting a new kind of hair enjoy, "which rivals the platinum blondness of the late Jean Harlow. It's a rich yellow with a tinge of pink, and it's as natural as it's beautiful!"
? as Pasadena Tournament of Roses Queen, she operates the steam shovel at the groundbreaking for the Arroyo Seco Parkway, later to become the Pasadena Freeway
End January 38 is pictured with director Ted Lesser, who gave her a screen test
February 38 is shown kissing fellow newcomer Jack Mulhall, Jr., at his screen test directed by Andrew Stone
? is member of the Paramount stock company
November 38 the press reports that she didn't respond to the early light pushes for featured parts and has now become a stand-in for Joyce Mathews
? doubles for Madeleine Carroll and Veronica Lake
16 December 40 marries Dr. Jay Etzell Coumbe in South Pasadena, California. He's 24; she's 22.
June 41 columnist Jimmy Fidler reports that "Veronica Lake's stand-in (Cheryl Walker, ex-Rose Bowl Queen) is having a baby, too..."
November 42 in competition with 500 other cuties, she is chosen for the female lead in Stage Door Canteen by Sol Lesser and his director, Frank Borzage
? wins a Warner contract
43 is Claudette Colbert's stand-in in No Time for Love
March 43 columnist Louella Parsons reports her off to New York. "There is more than meets the eye in this eastern jaunt of the unsophisticated girl who, in 1939, was Rose Bowl queen, born in Pasadena, and who had never set foot out of California."
May 43 columnist Walter Winchell reports her being "the three-year secret bride of Jay Coumbe, a Navy medical man in Pasadena now..."
21 June 43 she and Ray Bolger attend a special showing of Stage Door Canteen at the Mojave, California, Marine Corps air station
December 43 her husband is granted a medical discharge from the army
January 45 is pictured with Mary Rutte, the chosen queen of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses of 1945
1 August 46 her daughter, Dayle, is born in Los Angeles
c. 56 becomes a member of the San Marino Republican Women's Club
November 57 her 11-year-old daughter Dayle is scheduled to ride as a ballerina on the Quaker Oats float in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena
Late 50s an outspoken advocate of American principles and tradition, she travels throughout Southern California speaking to civic groups, church organizations and private gatherings on the "menace of communism"
becomes president of the Tuesday Morning Study Club. She will preside at the Huntington Hotel when the Golden Eagle Awards for patriotism are presented to the likes of George Putnam, Baxter Ward, Matt Cvetic, Chief William Parker, Congressman Donald Jackson, and Jenkin Lloyd Jones.
20 January 59 she and Coumbe separate
3 June 59 she and Coumbe enter into a property agreement
c. 22 June 60 files suit for divorce from Coumbe in Pasadena Superior Court charging extreme cruelty. Her address is given as 2875 Sheffield Road, San Marino; his, as 600 West Foothill Boulevard, Monrovia. Coumbe will die at age 44 in May 1961 in Los Angeles.
November 65 attends the marriage of her daughter and Major Joseph Leonelli of Okinawa at the Redwood Chapel of Oneonta Congregational Church in South Pasadena, California
29 March 66 marries Tway W. Andrews in Los Angeles. He's 44; she's 47.
24 October 71 as Cheryl Walker Andrews, she dies at age 53 of cancer at the Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. She is survived by her husband, Tway W. Andrews of Alhambra; her daughter, Dayle Torsey of Valencia; a grandson, Peter; her mother, Pauline Walker of South-Pasadena; and her sister, Mrs. Clinton Bennett of San Marino. Services will be private. The family requests donations be sent to the American Cancer Society.
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