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20 December 41 is born in Omaha, Nebraska
? spends her pre-teen days in Europe while her father serves a tour of duty with the Air Force
? attends ballet classes while living in Hungary and Germany
? studies dancing at the Sacramento State College
c. 61 finds work as a dancer with the Tony Martin nightclub act immediately upon arriving in Hollywood
is on a six-month nationwide tour with the Tony Martin nightclub act
? lives at the YWCA studio club for actresses paying $25 a week for room, two meals a day, and switchboard answering service
December 61 poses for special holiday calling cards
February 62 shares an apartment with fellow Warner Brothers feminine TV hopeful, 18-year-old Kathy Bennett
May 62 the press reports that the FBI, "which is cooperating officially with Warner Bros. in the filming of the TV special 'FBI Code 98,' okayed the casting of two of the prettiest actresses in the studio to portray FBI messengers. The beauties are Mikki Jameson and Pamela Austin."
c. April 63 gets engaged to Los Angeles Rams hack Charley Britt
27 October 63 marries Charles W. Britt in Santa Clara, California. He's 24; she's 21.
May 64 she and Britt call off separation plans
17 June 64 her son, Beau C., is born in Los Angeles
64 divorces Britt
June 65 columnist Harrison Carroll knows: "The July 17 wedding of actress Pamela Austin and Guy McElwaine will be just for the family but there'll be a big reception afterwards at the Ambassador Hotel..."
17 July 65 marries Guy Franklin McElwaine, a Hollywood press agent, in Los Angeles. He's 29; she's 23.
c. 66 is the “Dodge Rebellion Girl” in TV commercials shouting: "The Dodge Rebellion Wants You!"
March 66 columnist Walter Winchell tells that her stepfather is general manager of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles
? she and McElwaine live in a new English Tudor-style home on Stone Canyon Road
June 67 divorces McElwaine in Los Angeles. He will become producer and senior production executive at Warner Brothers, marry actress Leigh Taylor-Young in September 1978 and die at age 71 in April 2008 in Bel Air.
August 67 Dodge replaces her with 23-year-old Joan Parker of Warwick, New York, as its new advertising symbol
February 68 resides in Bel Air and has a divorce pending
August 68 Robert Morse is reportedly tested for a new TV series opposite her
February 69 columnist Sheila Graham tells: "The wildest rumor in Hollywood had Pamela Austin, the 'Dodge Rebellion' girl-turned-actress, about to marry ex-governor George Wallace of Alabama. Pam, who has just finished two segments with Robert Wagner in his 'It Takes a Thief' series, is getting somewhat annoyed over the rumors. It seems the blonde who suggested she might be marrying Wallace, during the 1968 presidential campaign is still at it - dressing up to look like Miss Austin and netting publicity as the ex-Dodge girl. It would have been a good story - if true."
March 73 is pictured filming an Ohio gasoline company commercial at the Rose Bowl parking lot in Pasadena, California
November 73 crowns 22-year-old Kathy Jeanette Patty, the first native-born "Dodge Girl," at the 58th Annual Detroit Auto Show
9 January 74 marries Leopold S. Wyler in Los Angeles. He's 51; she's 32.
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