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(Barbara Gutscher)
15 August 43 is born in Reichenberg, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, a part of Czechoslovakia under German occupation, the oldest of 4 siblings, two boys and two girls. Her father’s a photographer.
c. 53 her family moves to Munich, Germany, when she’s ten
54 is impressed by 9-year-old Christine Kaufmann’s performance in Der schweigende Engel
? studies ballet
? moves with her parents to America
? a male admirer enters her photo in a talent search contest. She wins “The Perfect Gidget Contest,” a screen test and a publicity date with the film’s male star, James Darren.
? rooms with a friend in Los Angeles and starts taking modeling lessons
c. 57 is crowned “Miss China Beach” at age 14
? attends Hollywood Professional School
4 July 63 is crowned "Miss Firecracker" during Fourth of July celebrations at Huntington Beach, California
September 63 columnist James Bacon claims she was "'Miss Munich' a year or so back"...
? is spotted by producer Marty Melcher, Doris Day’s husband, who gives her a bit part in a film
February 64 is pictured enjoying a cigar during break in filming of Sex and the Single Girl
April 64 as a 20th Century-Fox starlet, she's pictured discussing European and American design with Jean Pierre Aubry, French interior designer
June 64 columnist Mike Connolly thinks that she "and Gardner McKay are about to name the day..."
September 64 as a new Brigitte Bardot, she's scheduled to sparkle in Otto Preminger's upcoming In Harm's Way
? director-producer Otto Preminger signs her to a seven-year contract but gives her just a small part in his In Harm’s Way and allows her to co-star in a "The Rogues" episode. "My life is run by Otto," she sighs. Eventually she asks him for release.
? Gardner McKay dates her steadily. After a brief diversionary action with Hugh O’Brian while filming In Harm’s Way in Honolulu, she’s back with Gardner.
November 64 is noted skipping around town with Gardner McKay
65 returns to Europe and tests for Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow-Up
May 65 Gardner McKay tells columnist Harrison Carroll that "he hasn't dated anybody Hollywood would know since girlfriend Barbara Bouchet left to attend the London opening of In Harm's Way and the Cannes Film Festival. "
c. May 65 producer Charles Feldman spots her in Cannes, France, and casts her for his upcoming Casino Royale
June 65 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen tells that Barbara is showing off a ring McKay gave her. "She doesn't call it an engagement ring, but she tells people they are 'very much in love,' leaving the betting types to draw their own conclusions..."
Early October 65 is off to Lima, Peru, for a film festival. In New York, McKay dates his old pal, model Dolores Hawkins.
Mid-October 65 Winchell writes that she "has replaced Gardner McKay, her long time man, with Jerry Doff..."
November 65 Kilgallen thinks that "matrimony is not on Gardner's agenda for the near future"
Early November 65 the press tells that she "dropped her option on Gardner the same day producer Otto Preminger picked up her option for another picture to follow In Harm's Way"
Winchell tells that "her new toy is a private plane the Sheik Bader of Kuwait let her borrow. But she prefers taking the bus..."
Late November 65 Winchell tells that she and film executive William Barnes are "a cozy couple at Gallagher's..."
Mid-December 65 she and singer Jean Paul Vignon are "a Four Seasons duo"
Mid-January 66 Winchell writes that "Barbara Bouchet's new Pitty-Patter is actor Jimmy Boyd. Her ex-flame was Gardner McKay..."
March 66 columnist Mike Connolly tells that "Sean Connery buttoned up Barbara Bouchet to play his unbuttoned Mata Hari in You Only Live Once"
May 66 will go from the Cannes Film Festival to Rome for a movie. Columnist Harrison Carroll writes: "Understand she may stay in Europe for a year. Meanwhile, Ron Lerner is dating her sister, Cari. They were at the Daisy Club."
November 66 Carroll tells that she "is back from Europe and her role in Casino Royale. She'll read for a role in Valley of the Dolls. On the fun side, she and Paul Raffles had themselves a Spanish dinner at Por Favor."
Carroll returns: “the tall blonde beauty with Gardner McKay at the Harry Belafonte concert at UCLA was Phyllis Barry (she's not in the movies) but he has seen ex-girlfriend Barbara Bouchet several times lately."
February 67 columnist Earl Wilson tells that she was "a California tomato picker a few seasons ago..."
March 67 her fifth sibling, Tiffany Lane, is born in San Francisco
End March 67 is seen at the Bistro with Stella Stevens and Paul Raffles of P.J.'s
April 68 is seen at the Daisy Club with Sammy Hess again, "her pretty sister, Karina," with producer Jim Harris
columnist Sheila Graham thinks that Barbara "is listening to a Playboy offer for another nudie spread. The money isn't as high as it used to be because so many girls are willing..."
May 68 the press tells that Tarzan Ron Ely "had a thing going with Barbara Bouchet for a while, but they haven't been seeing each other recently..."
the sudden death of Feldman releases her from her personal contract
June 68 attends Charles Elkins' ice skating party at the Laurel Plaza rink with her sister Karina and Sammy Hess
February 69 columnist Earl Wilson heralds that "agents for Barbara Bouchet (of Sweet Charity) ask Playboy for 10Gs for a nudie layout..."
May 69 Wilson asks: "What about Omar Sharif and Barbara Bouchet, the exciting youngster born in Germany, partly reared in California, who's gone back to New York?..."
69 is off to Italy for a string of films
February 70 columnist Florabel Muir tells that "Omar Sharif has flipped over Barbara Bouchet. He's even neglecting his bridge games..."
August 70 parts her time between Rome and Munich
August 75 is reported top gal in Italy's spaghetti movie production even though she admits: "Most of them were pretty bad. In fact, I walked out of the cinema when I saw my last film. But they make a fortune. They're what everyone wants to see."
76 marries Italian director-producer Luigi Borghese
November 78 she and Borghese arrive in Colombia to film The Last Island on location in the city of Cali and the Pacific Coast port of Buenaventura. Anthony Quinn and Guiliano Gemma are scheduled to star with her.
79 is rewarded with famed Italian “Valentino” award
Early 80s returns to the States
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