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? is raised in Philadelphia
December 56 columnist Earl Wilson notes her off to Hollywood to make African Lost World
March 57 Wilson tells: "Marty Kimmell, ex-husband of Gloria De Haven, saw a picture of Kathy Carlyle, the ex-Grace Kelly schoolmate who looks like Kim Novak - and got plane reservations for Hollywood to meet her...."
July 58 columnist Walter Winchell knows: "Actress Kathy Carlyle (she made page 3 of the New York papyri the other matinee) was turned down three weeks ago when she tried to rent an apartment at the snooty Dorchester on Park Avenue..."
Early August 58 Winchell reports her "awfully close to the Shah of Iran's sister..."
Late August 58 Winchell tells that he's still wondering about her, who accompanied the Shah of Iran and his sister to Europe. Everyone denies everything - but she's sporting a cabochon emerald the size of an egg..."
columnist Lee Mortimer knows: "Just because Joe DiMaggio and Kathy Carlyle had dinner at Stampier's Filet Mignon Restaurant doesn't mean they're about to wed, no more than her dates with the Shah of Iran meant ditto..."
Late August 59 Mortimer tells "Joe DiMag was linked with actress Kathy Carlyle before, but is he also her agent and manager, and did he accompany her to the Coast to help her test for Al Zimbalist's The Syndicate? (Story is based on the Virginia Hill testimony, and who knows more about her than yours truly?)..."
Mortimer tells that Joe DiMaggio's latest is "Kathy Carlyle of The Pushers flick, last year's house guest of the Shah of Iran. (But she wanted a 100 per cent American boy)..."
End August 59 Mortimer writes: "A press agent insists that Kathy Carlyle insists that she does not know Joe DiMaggio..."
Early September 59 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes: "Actress Kathy Carlyle, linked elsewhere with Joe DiMaggio (although she insists she doesn't even know him) is quite content to be observed breezing along the East Hampton roadways in a white Rolls Royce with Lawrence Carr, producer of Redhead, at the wheel. That might be a swingin' romance...."
September 59 her item of today "is Raphael Hakim of the international producer brothers..."
Late 59 is one of the casualties of Lauren Bacall when she has to "leave" the cast of George Axelrod's Broadway hit Goodbye Charlie
January 63 columnist Hedda Hopper expects her to marry director Allan Reisner in Philadelphia on January 13. "Ann and Bill Dozier will give the blushing groom away. They've bought a home right smack across the street from George Cukor's..."
? marries Reisner. He's about 38. In 1956 Reisner was engaged to British actress Glynis Johns.
64 she and Reisner reside at Cordell Drive across George Cukor's mansion
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