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(Elana Lani Cooper)
1 May 40 is born in Bat Yam, Israel. Her father, a landscape gardener, left Poland after WWI and settled in Israel.
c. 52 sells flowers at an Israeli kibbutz
? is a member of Israel's famous Habima Theater Drama School
? debuts in Lysistrata and appears more than 50 times throughout Israel
? is a machine-gunner / a volunteer with the Israeli Army
57 with a six-month deferment from the Israeli Army, she's tested for The Diary of Anne Frank in London and becomes one of the five finalists. Finally Millie Perkins gets the part.
? as Elana Cooper, she's in several TV shows
? producer Sam Engel / Buddy Adler remembers her The Diary of Anne Frank test when searching for the title part for The Story of Ruth. The military people in Tel Aviv give her a six-month deferment, allowing her to fly to London for another test.
18 August 59 arrives in Hollywood where she does two more tests for The Story of Ruth
October 59 20th Century-Fox casts her over 300 actresses for their $3,000,000 Biblical epic, The Story of Ruth. Twenty-nine actresses are given screen tests. They change her name from Cooper to Eden because Cooper is too English and not Jewish at all.
boyfriend is a playwright. "But he is there and I am here," she says, "indicating that that is another part of her life that has changed."
January 60 columnist Harrison Carroll spots her at several parties with Lee Wallace, associate TV casting director at 20th Century-Fox
March 60 is seen at La Scala with Stephen Boyd, ex-escort of Anna Kashfi
April 60 her date at the Israel Today showing is airline executive Jerry Linkin
9 May 60 is among 109 passengers on a Trans World Airlines Boeing 707 transcontinental flight coming from Los Angeles that crash lands at New York's Idlewild Airport. When the nose wheel collapses, smoke from a minor fire fills the cabin. The passengers escape through emergency exits and down escape chutes. There are no injuries.
July 60 her escort to a Hollywood premiere is George Nader, sporting "one of the darkest tans in Hollywood these days..."
columnist Hedda Hopper thinks that "Elana Eden, who gave such a good account of herself in The Story of Ruth, is an eyelash away from getting the lead in West Side Story..."
August 60 columnist Hy Gardner notes "singing heir Pat Paterno courting Israeli beauty Elana Eden downtown at Teddy's"
September 60 columnist Lee Mortimer tells that "Israeli star Elana Eden would like to give Hebrew lessons to Robert Taylor's TV partner, Mark Goddard..."
her portrait is among other paintings by painter-comedian Sig Arno exhibited at the Alley Theater of Panorama City
January 61 Mortimer knows: "Edson Stroll celebrated his first movie role in 20th-Fox's Snow White and the Three Stooges by buying a 34-foot cruiser to take Elana Eden sailing..."
April 61 is guest of honor at a dinner on behalf of the United Jewish Welfare Fund of the Greater Pasadena area held at the Huntington-Sheraton Hotel in Pasadena, California
December 61 is among nine American stars accused of pro-Zionist activities and banned by the Jordanian government in Amman. The others are Jeff Chandler, Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Cantor, Danny Kaye, Jerry Lewis, Paul Newman, Edward G. Robinson, and George Jessel.
62 marries Nissim Aloni, Jerusalem author and playwright. He's about 36; she's about 22.
? is on Israeli TV
65 divorces Aloni, who will die in 1998 at age 72 in Tel Aviv
c. December 66 as Elana Eden, she returns to the States to tour the country from New York to California by automobile
6 May 67 is a speaker at the kickoff dinner for the 1967 campaign for the Modesto Jewish Welfare and the United Jewish Appeal in Modesto, California
6 June 69 marries Fredric Edgar Myrow in Los Angeles. Both are 29.
? her daughter Rachel is born
22 September 71 her daughter Shira T. is born in Los Angeles
3 November 72 her daughter Neorah J. is born in Los Angeles
14 January 99 becomes the widow of Myrow, who dies at age 59 of a heart attack
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