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24 July 29 is born in Colombo, Ceylon
? goes to England before World War II

? is on stage in London
? her photograph in a player's directory in London leads to her being discovered by Paramount for their upcoming The Girls of Pleasure Island
March 52 Paramount signs her for The Girls of Pleasure Island
she, Audrey Dalton, and Dorothy Bromiley are pictured enjoying the luxury of breakfast in bed at New York's Plaza Hotel
May 53 she, Audrey Dalton and Dorothy Bromiley tour the United States to promote The Girls of Pleasure Island
June 53 she, Audrey Dalton and Don Taylor are on a three-week junket to Korea for 25 G.I. premieres of The Girls of Pleasure Island
July 54 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen tells that Joan is dating producer Herman Levin
June 57 gets her part in Darby’s Rangers when Joanna Barnes is dropped
February 58 columnist Harrison Carroll writes: "A playful puppy scratched Joan Elan's left eyeball, and it's cost her two TV jobs.."
7 January 81 dies at age 51
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