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(Davenie Johanna Heatherton)
14 September 44 is born in Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York, to Ray Heatherton and his wife. Her parents met while filming Babes in Arms in 1939.
? grows up on Long Island
c. 50 begins singing at age 5
? appears with her father on benefits and telethons
? studies four years with George Ballanchine
c. 61 makes her professional debut on Perry Como's TV show at age 16
? producer Bill Perlberg spots her in a "The Nurses" TV segment and casts her for his upcoming Twilight of Honor
August 63 her agent turns down the part of the girl opposite Peter Fonda in Young Lovers
September 64 attends a champagne party given for columnist Earl Wilson at New York's Paperbook Gallery with her father
attends a party thrown by Joe and Rosalie Levine at the New York's Four Seasons after the A House Is Not a Home premiere. Among the guests are Shelley Winters, Perle Mesta, Louise Meyer, and Sophie Tucker.
columnist Earl Wilson reports that Beatle George Harrison already made a date with her "for that Cerebral Palsy benefit they'll do at the Paramount Theater shortly..."
? is on Broadway in The Sound of Music
Early December 64 columnist Walter Winchell tells that "Beatle George Harrison and teener Joey Heatherton are enriching the phone company with their constant calls..."
Mid-December 64 is sought to star in Broadway's Belinda, Beware!
c. December 64 is signed for five years by Jack Warner
January 65 she and Evelyn Rich of Britain are a duet at Gallagher's
February 65 will tour 40 cities to plug her film My Blood Runs Cold
attends the Hollywood premiere of My Fair Lady with Troy Donahue
Mid-April 65 columnist Earl Wilson knows that she and "Randy Kirby (Durward's son) got such attention at Catch Me If You Can that Joey's agents hiked their price..."
Late April 65 Winchell tells: "Actress Joey Heatherton has many beaux but hairdresser Gene Shacove is the one she prefers..."
June 65 will be featured in the next six months in Cosmopolitan, Esquire, TV Guide, McCall's, Redbook, and Ladies Home Journal
August 65 some expect Troy Donahue to marry her
October 65 is spotted riding one of the Claremont Riding Academy's horses around Central Park before flying to Los Angeles to do another Dean Martin show
Late December 65 she and Carroll Baker accompany Bob Hope on his Christmas visit to Da Nang, Vietnam
February 66 dates producer Jimmy Harris at the new John Barleycorn pub
Late February 66 is Randy Kirby's date at his father's party thrown for him at Gallagher's. Randy is scheduled to be in Mame.
Late March 66 tells admirers at Gallagher's that she will go into Charles Feldman's Casino Royale in London
Early April 66 rents John Steinbeck's Sutton Place apartment and will leave her parent's Long Island home
April 66 columnist Earl Wilson tells: "Trini Lopez and Joey Heatherton, who've dated, will appear together at the Las Vegas Flamingo..."
June 66 Winchell thinks: "Joey Heatherton gets her name in the columns a lot with this-chap-and-that, but songwriter John Madara is The One..."
July 66 her current beau is composer John Madara
Winchell reports that she and Madara "have it cozy in Rome. She's filming 'I Spy' and he's there attending to his music publishing store..."
August 66 Winchell reports her at Gallagher's, proudly displaying the gold medal presented by Bob Hope for delighting the troops in Vietnam
December 66 her brother Dick will run the discotheque aboard the Leonardo Da Vinci on its Caribbean cruise
Mid-December 66 is off to Vietnam again with Bob Hope. Other entertainers making the trip are Vic Damone, Phyllis Diller, Anita Bryant and Diane Shelton. The press notes her dancing on the flight deck of the USS Bennington. At General William C. Westmoreland's house in Saigon she meets writer John Steinbeck.
Late January 67 columnist Jack O'Brian thinks that she "maybe most interested in the official separation of the actor Darren McGavin"
April 67 is "hostess" at the debut of Alfie's
September 67 producer Ross Hunter wants her for his Jazz Babies movie
November 67 due to illness, she has to drop out of "The Red Skelton Hour" and is replaced by Kathy Gale
March 68 her white mink suit is a gift from her father, now with Franklin National Bank
rents a Hollywood home with both indoor and outdoor pools
April 68 is noted driving up to Gallagher's in her latest car, a '32 Plymouth
June 68 the press tells: "Joey Heatherton, at Brasserie in a mini-mini-skirt, said she'll do Can Can this summer..."
August 68 does Can Can in summer stock in Ohio but flies to New York City for a day to have her hair done by Leslie Blanchard
September 68 Winchell tells: "Sexee and in full motion, Joey Heatherton halted vehicle and pedestrian traffic in front of her Central Park place by merely signaling for a cab..."
November 68 Winchell reports "Joey Heatherton at Kenny's Pub tantalizing the mini-watchers. A Joey to Behold..."
January 69 MGM wants her to do a movie with Jackie Gleason
Early March 69 gets engaged to Lance Rentzel, Dallas Cowboy star, in Dallas. The couple says they got engaged following a whirlwind 5-week courtship after they met in Los Angeles. Afterwards she's reported taking her parents to 21.
columnist Earl Wilson tells: "Joey Heatherton's fiancé, Dallas Cowboys' star Lance Rentzel, whisked her home to meet his folks, and wants to get married next week, but Papa Ray Heatherton hopes they'll have a June wedding..."
Late March 69 she and Rentzel are invited to honeymoon in April at the Miami Beach Hilton Plaza
12 April 69 marries Rentzel, flanker back for the Dallas Cowboys football team, at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. He's 25; she's 23. It's the first marriage for both. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith is best man; three of Rentzel's teammates are among his attendants.
November 69 says she has become a real football fan since her marriage to Rentzel
June 70 the gowns for her new club act in Las Vegas and at New York City's Persian Room will cost her $30,000
September 70 columnist Earl Wilson says: "Joey Heatherton arrived at the Philadelphia-Dallas game just in time to see husband Lance Rentzel catch a winning touchdown pass, then they were mobbed for autographs, a little like MM and Joe Miag used to be..."
October 70 in New York, she and Rentzel announce plans for a new organization called Student Alternatives to Violence. Rentzel says the new group will work to ease tensions at US colleges.
19 November 70 an "offense report" involving a ten-year-old girl is filed against her husband in Dallas, Texas, alleging Rentzel drove up in his car at suburban University Park, talked to the girl, then exposed himself
20 / 23 November 69 Rentzel appears voluntarily at the University Park police station and posts a $1,500 appearance bond
30 November 70 a felony charge of indecent exposure is filed against her husband in Dallas, Texas. The charge is in connection with the incident about a week ago in University Park. Rentzel puts himself on the inactive list awaiting the grand jury and to settle his personal affairs. The press tells that on October 4, 1966, Rentzel pleaded guilty in St. Paul, Minnesota, to a charge similar to the University Park morals count. A municipal court judge in St. Paul did not sentence Rentzel but ordered him to seek psychiatric care. Rentzel could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.
March 71 columnist Wilson reports her and Rentzel buying classical and rock records at the Colony Record Shop
August 71 she and Paul Anka open at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Her husband is reported to be busy with football practice with the Los Angeles Rams.
Late August 71 columnist Dorothy Manners reports Joey and Rentzel are not splitting. "They have bought a new home in Nicholas Canyon where they live when both are in town, which isn't very often at the same time."
December 71 there are rumors she has dropped Rentzel, from whom she's temporarily estranged, for Bernie Cornfeld
72 enjoys a Top 30 hit record with “Gone”
Early April 72 flies into Los Angeles from Budapest, Hungary, picks up her divorce from Rentzel, then flies back to Budapest to resume filming of Bluebeard. Rentzel will be seen this summer with busty actress June Wilkinson.
June 72 is seen at P. J. Clarke's with Al DeLynn
July 72 she and actor James Caan are reported "really digging each other's company..."
19 July 72 shocks the show business community by suing Paul Anka for $10,120,000 in Los Angeles. She contends Anka forced Caesars Palace to break a contract with her by telling the management he would not perform if she was on the bill with him, despite an earlier contract. The suit asks $120,000 in actual damages and $10 million "for damages to the plaintiff's reputation and good will."
September 72 opens the fall season at the Waldorf Empire Room
January 71 stars with the Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies in the Circus Maximus Theater at Caesars Palace
March 73 sues Playboy for $2 million in Los Angeles claiming the publication invaded her privacy and unlawfully used a partially nude photograph of her
May 73 attends President Nixon's White House gala to welcome for about 500 of America's returned prisoners from Vietnam. More than 200 bottles of champagne, a host of Hollywood celebrities and a lavish feast that was weeks in preparation are laid upon nearly 1,300 POWs, relatives and dignitaries. Joey and Nixon sing God Bless America.
July 73 is seen at Serendipity with Bob Fosse
October 73 will join Shecky Green at the Riviera on October 24
September 74 shocks the Las Vegas jet set by attending Tom Jones' birthday party at Caesars Palace with Sonny Bono
October 75 catches the flu filming al fresco mattress commercials
May 76 returns from Brazil after two weeks of fun. Columnist Earl Wilson adds: "Who with? I'll never tell!"
March 78 calls Wilson from Acapulco airport telling that she is trying to flee a threatened earthquake
July 78 returns from London to her New York penthouse with word that Sir Lew Grade will star her in a TV special when she plays the Palladium
December 82 is expected to replace Raquel Welch in Woman of the Year. She will perform in Atlantic City, Georgia, and afterwards in Sun City, South Africa.
8 / 9 July 85 creates a ruckus at the U.S. Passport Agency office at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan because she doesn't want to wait in line to get a passport. Prosecutors say she became enraged, began shouting and pulled the hair of a female clerk after she tried to cut into a long line but was denied special treatment. A September 17 trial date is set.
Mid-July 85 is arrested in Manhattan, taken to the resort town of East Hampton on Long Island, and charged with skipping out on a $4,906 hotel and spa bill
May 86 is charged with tax evasion in New York. A source inside New York's U. S. attorney's office says the feds are seeking to put a lien on her East Side co-op in order to pressure her into coming up with $19,500 in taxes dating back to 1977 and 1979.
30 August 86 is arrested on charges of felonious assault, menacing and possession of a controlled substance in New York. She allegedly attacked her former manager and lover, Jerry Fischer, with two knives at his home in Hillcrest after an argument in which he blamed her career troubles on drug use. Fischer's 44; she's 42. The police on the scene find a white powder believed to be cocaine in her purse when she opens it looking for identification. She is expected to face grand jury in mid-September.
2 October 86 pleads innocent to misdemeanor drug possession charges before Ramapo Town Justice Arnold Etelson in Suffern, New York. Her attorney says the less than a gram of cocaine found in her purse was planted. Fischer dropped the assault charges.
23 June 89 is ordered by a New York jury to pay $20,500 to Mary Polic, a 27-year-old clerk, who sued her for $6 million in damages on assault charges from a 1985 scuffle in a Manhattan passport office. The jury rules in favor of her on assault and battery charges but against her on negligence charges. Her lawyer, William Kunstler, argues that his client was being sued by a lying woman who wants to "make a quick dollar."
April 97 is featured nude in Playboy at age 53
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