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(Ada Alicia Ibáñez Amengual)
c. 33 is born and raised in Uruguay
53 is crowned "Miss Uruguay"
Early July 53 is among nine candidates for the "Miss Universe" title who pose on the roof of New York's Waldorf Astoria. The others are Wanda Irizarry, "Miss Puerto Rico;" Synnoeve Gulbrandsen, "Miss Norway;" Elayne Cortois, "Miss Belgium;" Ingrid Mills, "Miss South Africa;" Jytte Olsen, "Miss Denmark;" Ulla Sandkler, "Miss Sweden;" Teija Sopanen, "Miss Finland;" and Ayten Akyol, "Miss Turkey."
17 July 53 is among the semi-finalists at the "Miss Universe" pageant held at Long Beach, California. The winner is "Miss France," Christiane Martel.
Early August 53 the press reports that she, Christiane Martel, Myrna Hansen, Kinuko Ito, Ingrid Rita Mills, Synnoeve Gulbrandsen, Maxine Morgan, and Emita Arosemena Zubieta earn from $150 to $250 a week as starlets under contract with Universal-International
Late August 53 columnist Louella Parsons reports that "Jaime Garcia, brother of the late Maria Montez, is happily interpreting for Alicia Ibanez, ‘Miss Uruguay,’ who makes her film debut in Yankee Pasha at U.-I. In short, Jaime has fallen for the beauty..."
c. 53 is off to Mexico for a film
May 54 is featured in Photo
July 54 the press tells that she and "Miss Norway of 1953," Synnoeve Gulbrandsen, still are in Los Angeles although neither is under contract to a studio. "'Miss Norway' is attending UCLA and 'Miss Uruguay' is making her mark at a Hollywood dramatic school."
20 July 55 she and five fellow starlets are heralded having won roles as Lana Turner's handmaidens in the upcoming Diane, which is set in the 16th century. The others are Ann Brendon, Fay Morley, Bunny Cooper, Barbara Darrow, and Ann Staunton.
00? lives in the United States
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