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4 February 42 is born in Sherman Oaks, California, one of five children of Henry and Elsie Miller, nee Geppert. Her father's an architect; her mother works in the accounting department at Sears.
44 makes her movie debut in the cradle in Casanova Brown
61 graduates from Ulysses S. Grant High School, majoring in science and music
? studies at the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music
October 64 lives with her mother Elsie at 4186 Fulton Avenue, Sherman Oaks
? Ivan Tors discovers her during the filming of a "Flipper" segment
March 65 promotes home seamstress cabinets in local newspapers
July 65 Walt Disney picks her as his own contractee as "The Typical American Girl." Screen Stories tells that she "is gorgeous and single and the fastest girl in Sherman Oaks."
October 65 is signed by The Creators Company to star in The Initiation, "a shocking expose of sorority escapades"
Mid-November 65 is named as one of the 12 actresses awarded the title of Hollywood Deb Stars of 1966 by movie and TV make-up artists and hair stylists in Hollywood. Actor Maurice Chevalier is on hand to sign her cast. The other aspiring actresses are Melody Patterson, Edy Williams, Shelby Grant, Helen Funai, Phyllis Davis, Linda Foster, Peggy Lipton, Sherry Alberoni, Beverly Lunsford, Sally Field, and Trudi Ames.
Late November 65 graces a special speed cars show held at Topanga Theatre in Woodland Hills
7 January 66 she and 11 fellow Deb Stars are presented in the "Hollywood Deb Star Ball of 1966" television special
Early January 66 starts filming "Daktari" at Africa U.S.A., a 200 acre ranch 40 miles off Los Angeles
31 January 66 as "Miss Golden Globe," she assists Andy Williams in the presentation of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe Awards, telecast live from the Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles. Omar Sharif is a best dramatic actor nominee.
26 March 66 presents the trophy to the winner of the $20,000 Western Harness Pace at Santa Anita
May 66 is elected honorary councilwoman of Studio City
June 66 her escort to the premiere of Virginia Woolf is handsome Don Franks
becomes honorary councilwoman at a Studio City's Chamber of Commerce dinner held at Sportsmen's Lodge
December 66 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that she and "her Air Force lieutenant are tossing a big New Year's Eve party at the Broadmoor Hotel in Coronado Springs. And don't be surprised if the announcement of marriage plans comes at that time..."
March 67 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: "With her steady, Lieutenant Charles Hutter III, now stationed in Biloxi, Cheryl Miller of ‘Daktari,’ is seeing Ron Harper. Oddly, their two series (he's in the new 'Garrison's Gorillas') will be seen opposite each other next season."
November 67 she and Lt. Charles Hutter III announce their engagement at a family party. Hutter is a physicist, stationed with the Air Force in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They plan to be married on January 1, 1968.
Spring 68 is bitten by a koala bear while shooting a photo layout at the Melbourne, Australia, zoo
April 68 attends the premiere of 2001: A Space Odyssey with Alejandro Rey
July 68 jogs a few blocks every day
October 68 she, Burt Ward and Kathy Garver are among young stars who support the Presidential campaign of Richard M. Nixon
November 68 attends the premiere of Ice Station Zebra with Stanley Shapiro
13 December 68 on Friday the 13th, she marries stockbroker Stanley Grant Shapiro in Los Angeles. He's 28; she's 26. They met several months ago on a blind date. It is the first marriage for each. Shapiro's the stepson of Los Angeles County Supervisor Ernest E. Debs. She wears a micro-mini white backless dress. They will live in the Hollywood Hills.
15 December 68 3 days after her marriage, she breaks her ankle in three places and is told that "Daktari" is cancelled after four years
Mid-January 69 she and her husband finally get away on a honeymoon at Lake Tahoe
January 69 columnist Earl Wilson writes that she will "break out with a nightclub act offering 'good music'..."
August 69 will follow Jane Parker as Dodge's "Fever Girl" for their 1970 - 1971 new car and truck promotional campaign
c. 70 will be the star of Dodge’s new car and truck promotional campaign replacing Fever Girl Joan Parker
January 70 graces Central New York's greatest auto show in history, Auto Expo 1970, presented at the Onondaga County War Memorial Auditorium
April 71 divorces Shapiro in Los Angeles
December 71 is pictured dining at Chadney's in Sherman Oaks
? marries businessman Robert Seidenglanz
7 October 80 her son, Eric Christopher, is born in California
20 December 83 divorces Seidenglanz in Los Angeles
87 marries Robert Leo Kasselmann. He’s about 51; she’s about 45.
8 June 04 becomes the widow of Kasselmann, who dies at age 68 from a rare heart disease
12 as Cheryl L. Kasselmann, she resides in Goodyear, Arizona
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