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(Annabel Milada Mraz)
4 October 21 / 27 is born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to John Z. and Betsy Mraz
c. 28 her brother, John is born
? is a dancer with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
April 47 is reported recovering from minor burns received when her costume caught fire on the Atlantis set. Actor Dennis O'Keefe beat out the flames with a drapery before they could seriously harm her.
20 June 47 marries singer James / Billy Newell
January 49 columnist Walter Winchell promises: "You'll adore Milada Mladova, the galerina in All for Love. Resembles Hedy and dances like Zorina. Made my heart jig..."
Mid-April 49 leaves the cast of All for Love "to await her blessed-event..."
c. 61 she and Gloria Connolly become directors of Ballet Arts School of Dance
July 63 directs the choreography for the California Lutheran College-Conejo Choraliers production of H.M.S. Pinafore
67 she and Gloria Connolly found the Conejo Junior Ballet Company, a non-profit organization
September 71 she and Connolly move their studio to 32068 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Van Nuys
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