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(Marguerite Guarnerius / Guarnery)
29 April 31 is born in Chicago, Illinois, into an old Italian violin-making family
c. 44 is stricken with polio at age 13 and has to spend two years in a hip-to-shoulder cast
? studies at the University of Indiana
? is a New York cover girl and fashion model in top periodicals
Mid-50s marries Joe Warner
? is on TV in "The Arthur Godfrey Show"
c. 59 Warner Brothers drops her as a no-talent kid, but 20th Century-Fox signs her as the temptress in Hound Dog Man
as Margo / Marg Warner, she signs a long-term contract with 20th Century-Fox
? her son, Darryl, is born
? divorces Warner
? changes her name to Margo Moore
February 60 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports that Buddy Adler has ordered an all-out publicity campaign to spur Margo’s career "because he thinks she'll be his studio's next important glamour doll."
April 60 columnist Earl Wilson tells that "Actress Margo Moore, who lives in the Village, bought herself a raccoon coat for $30 at a thrift shop (because she's thrifty). Not knowing she's in pictures, including Wake Me When It's Over, Village kids refer to it as a horse blanket and ask her 'Is the horse cold?'..."
August 60 columnist Lee Mortimer knows that "her romance, producer Bob Radnitz, went down the drain when Maurice Rosenblatt came in..."
September 60 columnist Hedda Hopper tells: "Although the romance is ended for Radnitz and Margo Moore, she gave him a birthday party before he went on location..."
c. 61 organizes the Edwardians, a theatrically-oriented group
February 61 Mortimer tells: "That Margo Moore-Bob Radnitz fire burned out in Malibu..."
March 61 Mortimer's back on her: "The John Saxon-Margo Moore romance is getting hotter and hotter..."
March 62 is seen at the Villa Nova with Harold Phaft
? is in the portrait photography business in San Francisco
Mid-80s opens The Chocolate Garden, a candy store at 79th Street and Third Avenue in New York
? marries Joseph "Joe" Arthur Knedlhans, an officer with the NYPD. He's 21 years her junior.
? she and Knedlhans live in New York
90s she and Knedlhans move to Adamstown, Pennsylvania, where they open a Toy Robot and Pig Museum in Stoudtburg Village
16 December 00 as Margo Moore Knedlhans, she dies at age 69
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