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15 August 38 is born in Los Angeles, California, into a show business family
June 55 graduates from Eagle Rock High School
? attends Bob Rivera's drama class
September 58 columnist Walter Winchell tells: “Another idyll seems to be Alan Ladd, Jr., and teenage deb, Nina Shipman. The Cyrano’s bunch will confirm that one...”
Late October 58 is queen of the California Sports Car Road Races held at Minden Airport. The press shows her posing with former Indianapolis Speedway champion Sam Hanks.
November 58 goes skin diving with Barry Coe, who’s also dating Natalie Wood
23 November 58 is queen of the 33rd annual Great Western Livestock Rodeo held at the grounds of the Great Western exhibition building off Santa Ana Freeway
March 59 the press tells that she “enjoys living at home with her parents and swimming in their pool”
is on the cover of Brazilian Cinelandia
April 59 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “In the midst of the rice tossing for a wedding reception scene in Blue Denim, some of the flying grains went into actress Nina Shipman’s mouth, one lodged in her wind pipe. She almost chocked before actor Buck Class dislodged the grain by pounding her on the back.”
September 59 she and Peter Gilman help Jill St. John celebrate her birthday at Lance Reventlow’s house. The press asks: “And what about the marriage of Nina and Peter? I heard they would wed when he sold his novel, Beyond Sweet Thunder. It’s sold, but they haven’t set the date...”
October 59 tagged a 20th Century-Fox starlet, she’s pictured posing with Bubbles, a 1,600-pound whale at Marineland on the Pacific, Palos Verdes, California
December 59 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “Actress Nina Shipman denies the report that she and author Peter Gilman are planning an early marriage. ‘Peter is going to Europe,’ she tells me. ‘I won’t be with him. He won’t return until late summer. I don’t want to get married right away.’”
60 she and Nicole Maurey are in Bing Crosby’s car that is driven by Yvonne Craig, who almost causes a road accident while driving them from Squaw Valley back to Stockton, California, during location filming for High Tide
January 60 will be maid of honor at Jill St. John’s wedding to Lance Reventlow in late March in Cuernavaca, Honolulu or New York
24 March 60 is maid of honor at Jill St. John’s wedding to Lance Reventlow, held at the Royal Suite of the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. James Woolworth Donahue is best man. Jill’s parents and Lance’s mother, billionairess Barbara Hutton, attend, too. Nina presents the newlyweds with a pair of gold-plated handcuffs.
28 March 60 accompanies Jill and Reventlow, who flee to an undisclosed ski-resort hideaway in the High Sierras for a brief honeymoon. They will spend three days in seclusion before Reventlow returns to Hollywood to race his sports car at Riverside, California.
April 60 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “Nina, a skiing novice, was supposed to be taught by Katherine Thalberg’s soon-to-be ex, Jack Reddish, but he was snowed in somewhere and couldn’t make it. Nina is Jill’s best friend and, for serving as matron of honor, received diamond and pearl earrings from Jill and a complete skiing outfit from Lance.”
Mid-May 60 columnist Hedda Hopper tells that Jill St. John says she will fly from any part of the world to attend Nina’s wedding. “Nina is her best friend. Jill and Lance are leaving June 10 for five months in Europe.”
Late May 60 is reported "living the life of a millionairess since Jill and Lance turned over their Beverly Hills home to Nina and her pal, Susan Crane. They'll be there four months. It has both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool."
June 60 is reported wearing a beautiful emerald ring. When asked about its being her engagement ring, she replies: “O no, this is Jill St. John’s present for being her bridesmaid.”
July 60 says about her engagement to Gilman, who’s in Europe to write another book, “The separation gives us an opportunity to get our bearings and determine how much we mean to one another. If our love is real then this separation won’t hurt us. If it does affect us, then it’s better to find out now than after we’re married.” Gilman recently sold screen rights to his novel Diamond Head to Columbia Pictures for $100,000.
August 60 Hopper knows: “Jill St. John and Lance Reventlow are back home and he’s buying a boat, plus taking piano lessons from Jill’s best friend, Nina Shipman...”
the press claims she passes the time during a six-month separation from her fiancé, novelist Peter Gilman, by practicing the piano at the home of Lance Reventlow...”
17 June 61 marries Charles Ransom Walrod in Riverside. He's 23; she's 22.
July 66 signs up with a new Hollywood agent
August 66 takes part in a star-studded telethon to support "Save the Playhouse Fund," doing the Andalusia Suite on the piano
September 66 columnist Mike Connolly tells that she's taking up hawk training
July 73 divorces Walrod in Los Angeles
May 74 attends the annual brunch of Pasadena Playhouse alumni
24 December 75 marries Don Bremer
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