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(Nancy J. Driver)
26 June 33 is born in Mt Plymouth, Florida; the 6th child of John Ernest Driver, Sr. and Delphia Waters Driver
November 55 is reported having given up her 25Gs-a-year model job to work on CBS-TV’s “The Big Payoff” and study singing
columnist Ellis Walter reports that “two big movie producers are after her already. They, however, are not interested in her sequins.”
June 56 she and fellow models Wendy Waldron, Pat Conway, and Marion James accent the National Swim for Health Week held from June 24 through 30
November 57 is heralded making the grades at Universal in Hollywood
August 58 graces CBS-TV’s “Strike It Rich”
July 58 she and fellow newcomer Linda Cristal are pictured comparing swimsuits fashions
October 60 tagged an MGM starlet, she’s on hand to grace the re-opening the United Artists Theater at 606 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena
February 61 is pictured chatting with actor Dan Dailey and agent Louis Schurr
March 61 is scheduled for the title role in The Green Helmet
January 67 is a twosome with Louis Shurr at the party thrown at Paul Wexler’s house by Sondra Scott and Sandra Giles
June 67 attends the press party of The Wheel, formerly The Other Place, with Louis Shurr
? as Nancy J. Walters, she resides in Orlando, Florida
2 October 09 as Nancy Walters, she dies at age 76 in Las Vegas, Nevada, from pancreatic cancer
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