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12 March 38 is born in London, England
c. May 65 marries British TV actor Patrick Macnee. He’s 43; she’s 26. It’s his second marriage.
April 66 she and Macnee enjoy a delayed honeymoon in Palm Springs, California
November 68 she and her husband maintain a flat in London in addition to their small apartment in Malibu Beach
69 divorces Macnee
November 76 becomes the girlfriend of 25-year-old actor Edward Albert, former boyfriend of TV actress Kate Jackson and the son of actor Eddie Albert and Mexican actress-dancer Margo
March 77 visits Albert in Ireland, where he’s filming Purple Taxi
July 77 columnist Marilyn Beck tells that Edward Albert “hasn’t been playing the dating game with lovelies on The Greek Tycoon location in Corfu - because of his romance with actress Kate Woodville. Kate’s here while Edward’s over there, but he’s been keeping in constant touch, and on her birthday hired a Greek orchestra to play bouzouki music for her over the trans-Atlantic phone wires. Edward does have the gift of flare.”
27 June 79 marries actor Edward “Eddie” Albert, Jr., near a waterfall above Malibu Beach. He’s 28; she’s 39. Albert wears jeans and a white skirt; she wears a white and silver mantilla. His parents are among the immediate family witnessing the ceremony.
26 August 80 her daughter, Thais Carmene Woodville, is born in Los Angeles. She will become a singer-songwriter.
22 September 06 becomes the widow of Albert, who dies at age 55 in Malibu, California, of lung cancer
5 June 13 dies at age 75 in Portland, Oregon
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