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(Alfred Brevard Crenshaw)
9 December 37 is born in Erwin, Tennessee, to James and Mozelle Crenshaw
? attends East Tennessee State University
59 starts in show business at Finocchio's in San Francisco, under the name of Lee Shaw
? studies acting
? is a showgirl at The Dunes in Las Vegas
? does a stint as a Playboy Bunny at Hollywood's Sunset Strip Hutch
67 marries husband number one
June 68 divorces husband number one
69 as A'leshia Lee, she is cast for Universal Studio's The Love God, starring Don Knotts. The role is the result of Universal's year-long, exhaustive search for a statuesque, voluptuous red-haired actress to play the remaining Pussycat in the Knotts' film. She signed with her first theatrical agent only the day previous to being sent on the all-important Universal audition. She is so new to the business that she has yet to have professional headshots taken. It almost costs her the role, since some studio executives are concerned how the tall red-head would photograph. Joe Rich, Universal's legendary casting director, vouches for her, and his support cinches the plum role for her.
13 June 70 marries husband number two
77 divorces husband number two
81 marries husband number three
84 divorces husband number three
? teaches theater at East Tennessee State University
01 publishes her best selling autobiography "The Woman I Was Not Born To Be" at Temple University Press
07 as Aleshia Brevard, she resides in California, maintaining her website, ""
1 July 17 dies at age 79 at her home in Scotts Valley, California
Aleshia Brevard
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