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(Maria Lucia Allasio)
17 July 36 is born in Turin, Italy, to Federico / Mario Allasio, of Turin soccer fame/ a football coach and road contractor, and his wife Lucia Rocchietti
? is educated in Genoa, where her father works as coach of the soccer squad
c. 40 is crowned “Miss Lido,” winning her first and only beauty contest at age 14
c. 40 / 41 her sister is born. She will become a lawyer.
? relocates with her family to Rome, where she’s enrolled at a convent
? when Italian magazines publish pin-up art of “Miss Lido,” she is transferred to a public school
c. 53 talks her parents into enrolling her in Rome’s Academy of Dramatic Arts
53 is discovered by Carlo Ponti, who casts her in his Cuore di mamma, a.k.a. Mother Heart
c. 57 her part in Poveri ma belli , a.k.a. Poor But Pretty, wins her national notoriety when the Pope condemns posters advertising it as “overly exciting.” The posters are seized by Italian police.
? producer Lester Welch signs her for his upcoming The Seven Hills of Rome
57 meets her future husband, Count Calvi di Bergolo, during the Venice Film Festival
June 57 columnist Louella Parsons reports that “jubilant Mario Lanza writes from Italy to say that he has signed Marisa Allasio for the top role opposite him in Seven Hills of Rome. Says Mario: ‘Both David Selznick and MGM wanted Marisa, but she does not want to leave Italy until she becomes better known. I was lucky to get her and to get her name on a contract for two more pictures. Her last picture was Poor, But Handsome, and while she is not yet known in the United States, I’m sure she will be a big hit.’”
January 58 columnist Earl Wilson notes her still sitting on her mother’s lap during an interview in New York
Late January 58 is seen at the Harwyn with actor Bob Evans
Wilson reports: “Nicky Hilton’s been dating Marisa Allasio at the Plaza’s romantic Rendezvous Room...”
March 58 columnist Hedda Hopper knows: “Marisa Allasio’s trip to America paid dividends. She’s got the lead opposite Bob Mitchum in The Angry Hills, to be made in Italy...”
columnist Walter Winchell reports: “Nicky Hilton’s pals say he vowed to follow Italo actress Marisa Allasio to Hellton...”
April 58 Hopper’s back to her: “Yale Wexler, the Chicago boy who starred in Warner's Stakeout on Dope Street, is set to co-star with Marisa Allasio in Roman Summer. English producer Charles Deane will film this original tale by Kenneth Hughes in Italy this fall...”
3 November 58 bans are published for her upcoming marriage to Count Calvi di Bergolo
10 November 58 marries Count Pier Francesco Vittorio Maria Agostino Luca Frediano Calvi di Bergolo, nephew of ex-King Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy, in Serralunga di Crea outside of Turin. He’s 27; she’s 22. The private ceremony is attended by only two other persons. Both families are reported opposed to the marriage.
January 59 is expected to drop her career
6 February 59 as Countess Marisa Calvi di Bergola, she hits the news when a Milan court rules that a picture published by an Italian magazine of her scantily-clad was not ‘obscene.’ That picture resulted in confiscation of all copies of the magazine Il Borghese by Genoa police in November 1958. Defense lawyer Giovanni Nencioni proves to the court that the picture was taken from Poor But Beautiful which was released with government approval.
10 July 59 her son, Carlo Giorgio, is born
November 60 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen tells: “Tom Corbally, who was Nicky Hilton’s competition for Marisa Allasio's affections when she was here a couple of years ago to ballyhoo her film The Seven Hills of Rome, has resumed his pursuit of the beautiful Italian actress now that his business interests are keeping him in Europe...”
11 March 62 her daughter, Anda Federica, “Yolanda,” is born
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