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(Terri Kay Dennis)
10 March 44 is born in Taylor County, Texas, to James Fortner Dennis and his wife Bettye Jane Estes
? starts modeling at age 14
? moves from Beverly Hills to Florida
? is a Playboy Bunny in a Miami Playboy saloon
? moves from Florida to Manhattan
March 63 is hailed “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” in the lead of Daughter of the Sun
September 63 is on the cover of and featured in Mr. magazine
July 64 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “The beautiful redhead with Bill Holmes on Sandra Giles’ and Paul Robertson’s yacht at Catalina was Rusty Allen...”
January 65 Carroll returns to her: “Almost everybody melts to the romantic strings of Murray Korda at the Beverly Hilton’s Monsigneur Room. But it didn’t work on actress Rusty Allen, who recently appeared in Girl Happy and Black Spurs. She tossed a drink into the face of escort Al Dobritch, cut him above the eye. But they were back together when I checked them the next day...”
Mid-March 65 marries Alexander Alexandroff Dobritch. Bulgarian-born Dobritch is from an old circus family and came to the States in 1949. He has a Polish-born 20-year-old son, Alexander A. “Sandy,” from a former marriage.
columnist Earl Wilson reports: “‘Rusty’ Allen, the pretty 21-year-old starlet in Girl Happy, married Alexander Dobritch 49, the circus impresario associated with the Flying Walendas and others, in Mexico. Producer Joe Pasternak was the Cupid.”
Early April 68 as Mrs. Alexandroff Dobritch, she’s pictured with her husband and Ed Sullivan at a special reception at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to announce that Sullivan will be ringmaster at the premiere performance of the Dobritch International Circus at the Los Angeles Sports Arena on November 3.
May 68 Carroll reports: “One of the trade papers carried the story that Club Largo stripper Brandy Wilde DID get married in Las Vegas to circus biggie Al Dobritch. Brandy denied it. ‘I haven’t even heard from him in several days,’ she said. According to Brandy, real name Clarice Gillis, Dobritch is a fascinating man and she’s crazy about him. Anticipating a wedding, the two DID take out a marriage license in Las Vegas April 15. I checked the license bureau. They confirmed it...”
19 November 70 remarries Dobritch in a civil ceremony in Las Vegas. Both give Nebraska as their residence.
11 March 71 Dobritch dies from leaping from the 15th floor of the Mint Hotel in downtown Las Vegas. The police say he rented a room in the hotel and then jumped from it to his death. The press gives his age as 60. He’s the former executive producer of the Circus Circus casino. He was charged with assault and kidnapping in November 1970 after police said he forced a man into his car and had him beaten in his apartment. Police say the man owned him money.
26 January 73 marries John Thomas Cooper in a religious ceremony in Las Vegas
1 November 04 as Terri Kay Cooper, she dies at age 60 in Las Vegas, Nevada
4 November 04 her memorial services are held at Desert Memorial Cremation & Burial Society in Las Vegas
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