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(Elena Maureen Bertolini)
29 September 24 / 25 is born in London, England, to Italian parents
44 marries Italian actor-director Emilio Giordana, a.k.a. Claudio Gora
27 March 46 her son Andrea is born in Rome. He will become an actor.
? her son Carlo is born. He will become an actor.
November 50 is off to Hollywood to film Universal-International’s Up Front. The U.S. press quotes her saying that the husband should stay out of the kitchen, which makes Italian women happier. “We are simple people,” she observes, “and simple people are always happier.”
17 January 51 refuses to pose in a skimpy bathing suit for cheesecake to promote Up Front
October 52 columnist Leonard Lyons notes her, Silvana Mangano, and Eleanora Rossi-Drago at a party at El Borrachio wearing no lipstick and no make-up at all. The actresses are in New York to attend the Italian Film Festival Week.
? her daughter, Marina, is born. She will become an actress.
13 March 98 becomes the widow of Gora, who dies at age 84 in Rome
29 October 02 dies at age 78 in a Rome hospital after a long illness
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