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(Mollie Ann Bourn)
14 February 37 is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Frank H. Bourn and his wife Helen
? is raised in Clayton, Delaware, where her father operates a pharmacy, the Bourn Drug Store
c. 39 her sister Susan is born
c. 40 her sister Patsie is born
55 graduates from Claymont High School
? studies music, voice and dramatics in New York
? debuts on screen in a dramatic presentation starring Wendell Corey
? is voted one of the three most perfect models in New York and is a winner of 37 beauty titles in 18 months
November 56 is crowned “Miss Mushroom” in New York City
December 56 is pictured reminding people that New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, spearheading the “Remember: Go Formal New Year’s Eve” campaign
57 is winner of 37 in 18 months she wins beauty titles such as “Miss Doughnut Queen,” "Miss Band Music,” “Miss New Jersey Poultry and Eggs,” "Miss Cute Dish," "Miss Sporting Look," "Miss Dairy Queen," and “Miss Junior Date with Sal Mineo”
June 57 columnist Walter Winchell writes: “Jack Carter and model Molly Ann Bourne are giving it a whirl...”
July 57 is reportedly a twosome with Alan Dale, “the lark...”
August 57 Mortimer returns to her: “Joan Collins flew to Reno to rendezwoo with Jack Carter, the funny man, but what happened to Molly Ann Bourne?...”
September 57 poses at the New York airport as queen of the International Water Ski Tournament, held at Cypress Gardens, Florida
October 57 hailed the “Coming Attraction Girl” of “The Steve Allen Show,” she's pictured modeling the newest in Halloween costumes
November 57 is on hand to crown “Miss Mushroom of 1958,” Gretchen Dahm, in New York City
the press tells that Warner Brothers and Paramount have eyes for her, the hostess on ABC-TV’s “Do You Trust Your Wife?“
December 57 quits “Do You Trust Your Wife?” to pursue a career in dramatics. 21-year-old Ellen Carr becomes her successor.
February 58 columnist Walter Winchell tells: “Picture Week’s cover girl, Molly Ann Bourne. Molly is such a dolly...”
June 58 is Saga magazine's Girl of the Month
is featured in People Today
November 58 columnist Earl Wilson heralds: “Molly Ann Bourne, featured in Harold Robbins' Never Love a Stranger, is up for his next, 79 Park Avenue...”
August 59 is on the cover of the British Photoplay
? works as an art restorer
? resides in Waterbury, Connecticut
18 October 93 as Mollie A. Bourn, she dies at age 56 in Waterbury, Connecticut. She never married.
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