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(Lilyan Lowans ?)
6 August 25 is born in Paris, France
? marries Bernard J. Chauvin
29 September 52 arrives in New York from Cherbourg, France, aboard the Queen Elizabeth
? teaches French in New York City at the Berlitz school located at 610 5th Avenue
53 divorces Chauvin in Florida
? is discovered by actress Judith Anderson, who says she looks like a Garbo
August 53 debuts on US TV in the “Studio One Summer Theater” presentation “Letter from Cairo”
March 54 columnist Earl Wilson reports her being wanted for two Broadway shows
October 57 columnist Earl Wilson tells: “Lilyan Chauvin, our old French teacher at Berlitz, a few seasons ago, is now a Hollywood glamour gal - just cast as co-star in The Lost and the Lonely...”
April 58 columnist Mike Connolly reports: “C’est La Vie: French actress Lilyan Chauvin checked in at General Service studios for her Big Chance, a role in the new “21 Beacon Street” teleseries - only to find it was a Big Nothing because the writers killed her off in the first segment...”
October 58 Wilson’s back to her: “Ex-Berlitz teacher Lilyan Chauvin, who couldn’t make it on B’way, just did a ‘Maverick’ lead and also dubbed Christine Carrere’s singing in Mardi Gras...”
October 62 tours with Dame Judith Anderson and her company in Lady MacBeth
July 63 Wilson notes her at Lindy’s and Sardi’s “telling her remarkable story which magazines are going to print...”
Mid-90s teaches acting
? resides in Studio City, California
26 June 08 as Lilyan Chauvin, she dies at age 82 in Los Angeles of complications from breast cancer and heart disease
Bri Murphy in Monsters, Mutants and Heavenly Creatures by Tom Weaver, The Lima News, The Daily Intelligencer, The Morning Herald, The Independent, The Post-Register, Waterloo Daily Courier,
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