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(Mildred Darlyn Mersich)
21 August 29 is born in Marin County, California, to Gustav Mersich and Carolyn Kapor
52 is crowned "Miss San Francisco"
? attends the School of Charm
signs with the Lillian Modeling Agency
is a regular on the Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater
July 55 is one of six Goldwyn Girls ”picked by Sam Goldwyn, Sr., average age 21. They leave for New York, where they will fan out for personal appearance tours to plug Guys and Dolls. The blondes are Larri Thomas, June Kirby, and Pat Sheehan. The brunettes are Barbara Brent, Madelyn Darrow, and Jann Darlyn."
September 55 columnist Walter Winchell tells: “Those dolls at the Harwyn were Goldwyn Girls Jann Darlyn and June Kirby in town to drum up biz for Guys and Dolls. Their guys were Dave Kislak and Kenneth Berg. Plenty lucky...”
November 55 as a Goldwyn Girl, she declares about the theory that men dress to please women: “Know what I’ve noticed? The man with a good-looking collar and tie looks well-dressed. A sloppy collar and ever-fancy the sports the rest of the outfit, no matter how smart it is.”
June 56 on tour to promote Guys and Dolls in Latin America, she’s pictured posing at the pool of the Hotel El Panama in Panama City
she and fellow Goldwyn Girls Suzanne Alexander, Madelyn Darrow, and June Kirby are reported returning to Hollywood after visiting Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, and Australia
is featured in Cinelandia
c. 58 she and fellow starlet Selma Jung pose with Cliff Robertson to promote The Naked and the Dead
17 June 60 marries G. Stedman Huard in Clark County, Nevada
6 April 61 her son, James Matthew, is born
4 March 67 marries Horatio "Bob" R. Plate in San Francisco, California
20 as Mildred M. Plate, she resides in Paso Robles, California
Top Models by Samuel Clemens, Nevada State Journal, Syracuse Herald-Journal, The Newark Advocate, Mansfield News-Journal, Kingsport News, Shawn Fredrick
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