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18 August 44 is born in San Francisco to Charles W. and Claire L. Jensen, nee Gorman
? relocates with her parents to Sacramento
? her parents divorce
? her mother marries again, becoming Mrs. Claire Jensen Nelson. They return to San Francisco.
? her brother, Robert B., is born
55 her sister, Cindy Claire, is born in San Mateo
March 60 attends Mills High School. She and Jerry Bengson are selected as the 1960 candidates to Girls and Boys State. She and Bengson will represent their school and will join outstanding students from all parts of the state.
? graduates from Carlmont High School
61 is named "Miss San Carlos"
Early August 61 as the "Fiesta Dream Girl," she promotes the San Mateo County Fair and Floral Fiesta
? as the "Fiesta Dream Girl," she is sent to Washington to meet President Kennedy, whom she never gets to see
61 is among ten finalists at the "Maid of California" contest at the California State Fair
March 62 will compete as a finalist in the "Miss San Mateo County" pageant held on May 5 at the Aragon High School Little Theater. She resides at 1747 Greenwood, San Carlos.
5 May 62 is crowned "Miss San Mateo County" and will represent her county in the "Miss California" contest to be held later in the year in Santa Cruz
October 62 is named "Miss Fire Prevention Week"
November 62 is hostess of the sixth annual convention of the California Federation of Service Stations held at the Hilton Inn, San Francisco International Airport
62 misses the "Miss California" title by less than an eyelash, becoming second-runner up in the state finals
? pursues a successful modeling career in San Francisco
April 63 promotes the opening of the Lyons Coffee Shop restaurant in the Hillsdale Shopping center in San Mateo
January 64 is Sports Queen for the International Fishing Festival during the San Francisco National Sports and Boat Show held at the Caw Palace from January 3 until February 9
19 October 64 is signed to a six-month contract by Warner Brothers Studio after a screen test and a small part in the George Burns TV show "Wendy and Me"
Mid-September 65 obtains release from Warners and signs with Universal
November 65 announces that she will star in Universal's upcoming Out of Sight
66 becomes very close with co-star Rena Horten while filming Out of Sight
17 April 66 is signed by producer Richard Collins for a part in the "Crazier Than Cotton" segment of the "Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre"
July 66 columnist Walter Winchell reports: "Candlelight for two: B'way actor Stewart Moss and Karen Jensen (Universal Pix new star and a Doll) at H'wood Beachcombers..."
Late September 66 is named "Miss Greater Los Angeles Press Club" following Marti Barris. The runners-up are Edy Williams, Ena Hartman, and Jan Garrison.
columnist Mike Connolly knows: "John Ashley, separated from Deborah Walley, is now in a daze with Karen Jensen..."
March 67 attends a party that Universal tosses at Stage 24 for its NBC affiliates with Dennis Cole. Sandra Dee comes with Jack Freeman, Ena Hartman with Bob Bagley, Susan St. James with Richard Neubert.
April 67 is hostess of the Greater Los Angeles Press Club's sixth annual "Headliner of the Year" awards banquet held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to salute Governor Ronald Reagan
June 67 as Honorary Mayor of Universal City, she attends a Universal City Studio luncheon honoring Walter Lantz on his 50th anniversary in the motion picture industry
September 67 is named "Motion Picture Sweater Girl of 1967" by the National Knitted Outerwear Foundation
? makes headlines when she breaks her contract and walks out on Universal
? screen tests for Skidoo! and will remember director Otto Preminger as really tough and unpleasant to work for
? loses out to Sharon Tate for the part of Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls
Early April 68 is seen at Stefanino's with George Hamilton
Late April 68 is seen at Stefanino's with James Caan
69 her most avid suitor is John Neilson / David Nielson, "a young, Bible-spouting actor"
? joins the Science of the Mind Church
69 - 71 films the TV series "Bracken’s World." Later, she will have only kind words for producer Stanley Rubin and his wife, ex-actress Kathleen Hughes.
August 69 as star of 20th Century-Fox's upcoming "Bracken's World," she has the place of honor at the Diamond Jubilee Parade in San Mateo
? publicity for "Bracken's World" claims that she was a fat girl before slimming down to 118 pounds. Now "she looks like a curvaceous Dresden doll all grown up."
70 is crowned "Azalea Queen" at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina
March 70 John Neilson is her date on TV's "It Takes Two" show
28 November 70 marries John Neilson, an actor, at her mother's home in San Carlos, California. Both are 26. Her sister is maid of honor; her brother is best man. Reverend Walter Johnson performs the single-ring ceremony. The couple will move into a new home in Studio City and plan to honeymoon in Australia in March 1971.
December 70 wins the Golden Calf Trophy for the actress with "the most beautiful legs in the world" presented by famed hosiery designer Willy's of Hollywood
February 72 friends surprise her and her husband with a big wedding cake during dinner at the Luau
73 films The Salzburg Connection on location in Austria
September 74 promotes Montgomery Ward's Wendy Ward model and charm program in Panorama City
April 75 "tired of the pressure of Los Angeles," she and her actor-turned-writer husband Neilson move to the redwood country of Northern California
90 divorces Neilson
? marries TV actor Michael George Stroka
14 April 97 becomes the widow of Stroka, who dies at age 58 in Los Angeles from cancer
30 January 99 marries TV actor Brendon Boone. He's 60; she's 54.
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